Alterna Comics: Doppelganger (Issue 04)

So here we are with the final issue, I have to admit when reading this series the first time I was convinced that this was a good series and I still believe that. The story, the art, everything of the comic is amazing and you all need to check it out as soon as possible!

So in this issue we have the final battle which I was really impressed with, the comic shows how our victim Dennis defeats the evil Doppelganger who has been plaguing Dennis’s life for the past three days maybe weeks hard to say but it’s been a while. Dennis has tried everything and of all things to kill the Doppelganger it ends up being Dennis’s peanut allergy. Which forced the Doppelganger to choke and die, of all the things to kill that doppelganger it was flour that is just weird. But then again Doppelganger’s do become the person that they change into and take on to their allergies and everything about them. I mean they are called doppelganger’s for a reason and when you become a victim to doppelganger’s it’s important to remember everything about yourself to defeat them.

But now, now that it is all done for Dennis, you would think that the story is done right? But no instead little Garcia had to watch the body disappear which in Doppelganger lore you should never do because then the Doppelganger targets you in it’s next life. And now little Garcia is having his own Doppelganger problem or will he? I mean he helped Home Alone, Dennis’s Doppelganger maybe he can do the same but wait the doppelganger has access to his mind so he knows every movie he’s seen. We need a continuation here to see what happens to little Garcia.

Overall this comic series with a four issue run was a great series and I hope Alterna Comics requests for more comics to be made cause I want to see the sidekick of this story have his own comic to see how he defeats his own doppelganger and what the doppelganger changes about his life. It would be interesting to see but it’s also up to Alterna comics in what they want to do as well. But I think it would be a smart move for the comic series to continue after all I’m sure alot of people are loving this series as a comic series. And with this being the comic book finale it needs to be renewed!

I have to admit this art style being like the old times comic book story kind of art is really impressive, I know I’ve said it before about the art style for this comic but it really works for it and its really impressive. It kinda even reminds me of Jack Kirby a little bit, not so much but a little bit. And it’s a comic style that Emmanuel Javier should continue if he does any other comic books cause it’s an awesome style that I wish a lot could still do. It’s a style that I’m even trying to master with some of my art but still having to work on it for myself.

As for the story and creator of the series Jordan Hart, as always for this series you did a fantastic job and I hope you continue this series or make a spin-off comic series about it cause it is fantastic!

Doppelganger issue 04 should be released to comic book stores by June 6th it was suppose to be May 30th but apparently there have been issues with printing!