Alterna Comics: Go West (Issue 03)

Alright guys and gals, I know I have told you all about this series so much you all are probably thinking I’m in love with this series by now. Well your right I’m in love with it don’t judge me! This old west mixed with new century things all is a beautiful package and we will be reviewing it tonight!

So with this being the what I’m calling comic book finale of it’s limited series run, this series has really touched my heart a whole lot. Not because it was based on western genre but it’s because of the story. A lot of people think the story doesn’t count but I will tell you every single time the story is what counts cause if you don’t have a great story you will never find success. And this story was beautifully done! Granted I thought that it was going to end with Slade using the blades to dodge the bullets while Creep kept firing at him and then give him the finishing blows but the ending they chose to do is also really good. It makes me wonder though, what will happen next, there has to be more story after this limited series run even though I know it had to say the end at the ending but still like how Lilly said there are so much more to the west to conquer.

I really do like the series though, it has so much potential to even become a full length graphic novel or have more issues in the future run! But I know that it takes a lot out of artists to spend days and nights drawing up and writing the stories. It’s one thing that sucks is the time frame that they always need the art done, but the ending result of the comic is always a precious reward to read! Especially this comic series that reminds me a lot of a combination of Stephen King’s Dark Tower and Clint Eastwood western movies which are two beautiful and awesome products to take inspiration from. I’ve never been a western fan before but after this series it’s made me a western fan! And now that it’s ended the fans will be sad but we will be fans of the artists now and always.

The artists of this amazing series, I have always loved the style cause it gives off that old western look which is always a plus for the series and for comics like this. I especially like the drawn style because it’s a style that I’ve experimented with quite a while and it was fun but wasn’t the style that I was used to so I chose to stop drawing my drawings that way. But I still respect the style to this day and it’s a good style, it works for this story most definitely. I especially liked the design of Slade the Blade, cause his design reminds me a whole lot of Roland Deschain from Dark Tower or at least how I always envisioned how Roland would look like. And Slade’s entire back story was genius, everything of his story is what drew me into this story and loving it so much!

If you comic readers are interested in reading this final issue you will have to find it at your local comic book shops I believe June 6th, it would’ve been May 30th but sadly there is a delay from what I heard!