BelowDeckMed (S03E03) “Bad Vibrations”

On this episode of BelowDeckMed

Tonight we get the pleasure of meeting Jesubob, Joao’s alter ego.  Apparently when he drinks, he gets black out drunk, and can’t remember what he did.  So he blames everything on his alter ego.  That’ll go over well, especially with Hannah, Adam, and Conrad, all of whom Joao’s completely managed to piss off on the ride back from dinner last night.

Joao continues to try to show he’s more experienced than everyone on the yacht, 

having a pissing contest between himself and Conrad over having all night watches.

He decides to take his concerns over Conrad’s head straight to Captain Sandy.  That won’t end well.  He and Adam make up, but Hannah isn’t buying his “my alter ego made me do it” excuse and neither is Jamie, who’s as frustrated with Joao’s constant nagging as well.

Conrad makes a major mistake

by not launching the tinder, and Sandy’s furious when she finds out.

Instead of launching it before the yacht got surrounded, he and Hannah were flirting while the rest of the crew were preparing for the next charter.

Kasey has yet to prove herself,

at least in Hannah’s eyes.  She’s finally stopped vomiting every two seconds, but her lack of working on white boats is glaringly obvious and an already stressed out Hannah isn’t having it.  Kasey has to be continually micromanaged, “forgets” to clean Captain Sandy’s cabin, and says she’s done things she apparently hasn’t.  Will this girl ever come up to snuff?  At least Jamie didn’t have to go to the interior for the first time this season!

The next guests are close personal friends of Captain Sandy’s

so of course, they’re stuck on the dock due to bad weather.  I don’t know about you, but if I spent good money on a super yacht and couldn’t even leave the dock, I’d be beyond angry.  However, Hannah and Adam step up to the plate, making it the best trip they possibly can with lessons on how to make pizzas and a birthday party.

Oh, and did I mention the primary charter guest is a vaginal rejuvenation doctor?

You heard that right.  However, she’s not a dried up prune like Adam was expecting apparently and got his seal of approval when he saw her on the yacht for the first time.  Compared to the last guests, these guests are like angels, except when it came to the birthday party.  Remeber how you’re not supposed to wear shoes on a yacht?

These guests do,

leaving scuff marks all over the dining room that poor Hannah spent all night and most of the morning buffing out.  While Hannah sleeps after her shift, the breakfast service the next morning is horribly slow, some of it not coming out til noon!  Kasey is almost useless, even though she’s trying, and Brook seems to be handling everything herself, making the breakfast service take all morning.  At that point, shouldn’t it be brunch?

When Sandy confronts Hannah about the service

Hannah’s upset, and defends her actions, saying she and Brooke were basically carrying the charter themselves.  Kasey wasn’t violently ill for the first time, but still doesn’t know her basic duties.  Is that her fault from being sick, or Hannah’s for not explaining them better?  Hannah storms off, and that’s that folks.

Let me know what you thought of the episode.  Is Kasey ever going to get up to snuff?  When’s Joao going to step too far over the line?  Was Hannah being supportive enough of Kasey or should she have been more patient?  Let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode in the comments section.