Interview with Maceo Smedley (Underground and Cloak & Dagger)

987E1146 DE9D 40A4 8F90 E7FAB07EDF8E 300x194 - Interview with Maceo Smedley (Underground and Cloak & Dagger)I recently interviewed the talented and adorable Maceo Smedley (Underground, Cloak & Dagger). He is a very impressive young man, who just joined the Marvel Universe. He is best known for his amazing role as James in the show Underground. This was the first time I had the opportunity to see slavery through the prospective of a child, rather than only adults. He was absolutely fantastic! I know because I watched every single episode! Next up is Cloak & Dagger On Freeform. He plays a young Tyrone (aka young Cloak) and I can’t wait to see it!!

I read that you started in commercials. Do you remember your first commercial?

My first commercial was a national Post-It Notes commercial that was filmed in New Orleans. It was my first time on set and they let me dance a lot. They would put on Michael Jackson and I would show them my moves.

How many times did you have to audition for your role in Underground?

I only had to audition once. The writers and casting directors took a chance on me and I’m glad they did.

The scene in the cotton field (James’s first day out there), how many takes did you have to do?

It was burning hot that day. We actually had to finish the day early because so many people were complaining about the heat. I can’t remember how many takes, all I remember is when they said we were going home early, everyone cheered.

Your character changes a lot from season one to season two. Do you think that James would have run with Rosalee in season one?

I think he would have run with her in season one, but he wouldn’t have known what was going on. He was so young and didn’t understand the difference between slaves and those that were free. His life was complicated and was one of the only times we got to see slavery through a child’s eyes.

Tell me a little about your role in Cloak & Dagger.

I play a young Tyrone or young Cloak. When Tyrone flashes back to himself as a younger kid, that’s the role I play. That’s how we learn how he got his powers and how the bad things he went through as a kid made him the superhero his is today.

Are you excited to join the Marvel Universe?

Super excited! I could have never imagined that I would be part of the Marvel Universe!

I see that you did a (short) movie called Mama. Tell me about your character and what happens in the movie.

Mama is based on a true story about a boy who lives on his own for several weeks. No one knows that he’s living on his own. He has to make tough decisions in order to survive.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love to play video games. Lately I have been playing Fortnite and NBA 2K18.

Have you and your parents ever talked about moving to Hollywood or New York for your career?

Yes, we kind of live in two places at one time. I hope one day we will live in Hollywood full time, but I’m going to miss  my friends here.

Summer is right around the corner, how do you plan to spend your summer break?

I hope to land a new role this summer so that I can be on set. If not, I will be spending time at the pool because I love to swim.


Check out the series premiere of Cloak & Dagger on Freeform Thursday June 7th!

You can find Underground seasons one and two on Hulu.