Colony (S03E05) “End of the Road” (Spoilers ahead)

This episode of Colony things are looking bleak for the Bowmans.

They’ve been taken prisoner by MacGregor after Vincent’s betrayal and are trying to talk tBraheir way out of trouble.

It’s not going well.

Bram is caught and things go from bad to worse.

MacGregor interrogates Will.  To save his family, he gives up Snyder.  Snyder accepts this, and tries to talk his way out of trouble, with slightly more success.  He uses Vincent’s vulnerability of morality against him.

MacGregor and Vincent try to interrogate Katie,

who stays strong against their questioning.  Unfortunately, MacGregor is judge, jury, and executioner, and uses everything they say against them to prove that they were collaborators.

Snyder decides to collaborate (surprise suprise)

Snyder tells Vincent that if they destroy the Click, the RAPS will destroy mankind.  Vincent doesn’t know what to believe or do.  Snyder gives him a way out:  he can contact the Occupation  and become a collaborator himself in order to save humanity.

What’s Vincent to do?

On one hand, he wants to prove his loyalty to MacGregor, especially after siding with the Bowmans, but on the other hand, all of humanity is at stake.  Literally.  Does he stay loyal to MacGregor or become the Resistant’s version of Benedict Arnold?  We all know how that turned out for Arnold.

Vincent makes the choice that humanity is more important than his loyalty to MacGregor

and calls the resistance.  They show up just as Will, Katie, and Bram are being led to the execution location.  The Occupation saves their lives while destroying the rest of the camp.

Gracie and Charlie escape,

Charlie gets shot before he can make it.  Katie and Will are devastated, and Will has to pull her away from Charlie’s body to avoid getting shot.  They make a run for it, leaving poor Charlie behind.

Snyder meets with Lt. Garland

remember him?  He and Snyder talk, and Snyder tells him he wants a chalet in the Alps for his troubles.   Snyder proves he’s only looking out for himself, the hell with everyone else.

What did you think of this episode of Colony?  What was the craziest WTF moment for you?  Mine had to be when Snyder convinced Vincent to betray MacGregor.  That was some smooth talking right there.  And of course, poor Charlie.  That was a holy sh** moment for me.  Let me know what you thought about this episode of Colony in the comments.