Legion (S02E09) “Chapter 17”

Legion is able to captivate the audience by using an unapologetic approach to the unhinged nature of the beast. In this episode we get to face the inner demons everyone has hiding under the surface. The calm before the storm is no more.

We find ourselves focused on Melanie (Jean Smart), who has been a background character in this new season. She is there in the shadows, hovering between the here and now and the days she has left behind. When she once exuded such strength and grace, she is merely a shell of her former self. As a result this has made her the perfect target for Farouk’s manipulation, and a most dangerous one.

Chapter17Legion1 - Legion (S02E09) "Chapter 17"
Melanie lost to her demons. (Google)

Oliver (Jemaine Clement) has and always will be Melanie’s weakness. Unfortunately Farouk (Navid Negahban) has tapped into this and is using it to his advantage. Nowhere is safe, his reach is infinite and he will do anything to get what he want’s. Everyone is a pawn in the sick and twisted game he has created.

There is a potent power in love, which can be manipulated to bring chaos into the world. This has become one of the more prominent themes in the show, giving people some sense of hope within the madness.  Slowly the demon’s will eat their way through the rest of this colourful cast of characters.

Kerry (Amber Midthunder) and Cary (Bill Irwin) have received David’s (Dan Stevens) message, loud and clear. It brings a nice change of pace to the episode, reminding us of the bigger task at hand. Farouk is closing in on his body and needs to be stopped. Even though Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) seems to have gotten sidetracked on the way to help the cavalry, one can hope that a conscious will sprout from her transgressions and aid in the looming threat.

LegionChapter172 1024x538 - Legion (S02E09) "Chapter 17"
Kerry and Cary to the rescue. (Google)

Luckily David’s loving sister, Amy (Katie Aselton) is there to push Lenny in the right direction. A piece of Amy still lingers in her former body, that lingering effect is enough to keep Lenny focused on the task at hand. Help always seems to come in the most unexpected ways. Teleporting the car into the desert was a nice touch.

The time is upon them.

A new episode of Legion airs Monday, June 4th on FX at 10/9c.

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