SIX (S02E02) “Ghosts”

The title for this episode of SIX is aptly named, Ghosts are everywhere and will haunt this team if they don’t find a way forward. Bear in particular is haunted, and will have to exercise his ghost in order to lead properly. Last week I pointed out that Lena’s line to Bear, “Careful, there are pieces everywhere.” felt like it was setting a tone for the season. I think this episode was further proof of that. The team, in struggling with Rip’s shooting, is tearing itself apart. If something doesn’t change soon, that could have lethal consequences.

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CIA Background

We learned more about shady Gina (Olivia Munn) this week, including that she has a past history with Buddha (Juan Pablo Raba). Gina questions Michael Nasry (Dominic Adams) about Rip’s shooting throughout the episode. She intends to use him to lead her to the ultimate “big bad” The Prince (Nikolai Nikolaeff). These torture scenes were incredibly well done. Adams was so convincing and even though we all love to hate him as Michael, you almost felt sorry for him. Almost. Michael held out through Gina’s torture until she revealed to him that a hit was put out on him by The Prince. That final look at the end of the episode? Fairly certain Michael is ready for some revenge. Everyone breaks.

During Michael’s interrogation, Gina told the story of her first interaction with The Prince. Back in 2004, she used an asset named John, a Bosnian Muslim, to track down a Serbian General accused of war crimes. This was the mission that Buddha actually met Gina on. Nikolaeff plays earnest and sleazy at the same time somehow. Or maybe it was just the tracksuit? Anyways. John is leading Gina to the Serbian General in exchange for safety for his family. In 2004 the Serbia-Bosnia crisis was at its height. Totally understandable that he’d be willing to do almost anything to keep them safe. We had a really touching scene where John brings his wife and son to meet Gina, I believe to remind her what’s at stake. Unfortunately, with this show’s track record, I’m thinking that’s a bad sign.

The mission goes bad. Somehow the Serbs knew they coming, and Gina’s CIA superior (and lover) is killed. Gina turns on John, blaming him for betraying them. John tries to explain that it wasn’t him, and when he tries to run, Gina shoots him in the back. John will eventually become The Prince. I look forward to that story, it’s got to be a crazy transformation. I can understand his anger towards an America that turned on him, and, I’m assuming, gets his family killed. We saw that he already had a ruthlessness when he sliced the neck of a man he felt betrayed him. The life he must had led is not one that leaves much room for warm and fuzzies.

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Teamwork Not Working

Our SEAL team is in trouble y’all. Emotions were already at a tipping point last week with Rip’s death. The mission to capture Dragan going awry hasn’t helped that situation. Bear (Barry Sloane), as team leader, calls out Buddha and Caulder (Kyle Schmid) for not obeying orders during the mission. Both try to defend themselves, but Bear is having none of it. In a life or death situation, he needs to know that he can count on them listening.

Bear needs to work on getting his own head straight. Not only is he continuing to see Rip in hallucinations, he’s talking to him. It was actually heartbreaking to see Rip telling Bear that he’s just like him. Never going to be a good husband or a good father, because the team comes first. Rip saw a darkness in Bear that he connected to, and Bear’s subconscious makes the same connection. During Rip’s wake Bear does finally tell Rip’s ghost (or hallucination) enough, to leave him alone. He wants to be different. I’m hoping that he can find his way back to Lena (Brianne Davis). Lena, despite telling Bear that she wants to see other people (AT Rip’s wake WTH?), is Bear’s other half. They need each other. Bear certainly needs her to find his center.

Buddha continues to spiral. After getting lectured by Bear about disobeying orders, Buddha is sullen. Later, when the team is practicing in the kill room, Buddha is obviously off his game. Buddha gets ahead of Bear and ends up “shot”, but blames it on Bear. The two have a sort of “make-up” moment during Rip’s wake, and I’m hoping they can continue to heal from there. As last week, Juan Pablo Raba brings so much intensity to his scenes. This cast is awesome y’all.

Caulder broke my heart this week. Dealing with the aftermath of Dragan’s bomb, Caulder’s head is ringing. He panics in the kill room, you can just read anxiety on his face. At home he breaks down and ends up snorting Oxycodin, passing out for his daughter to come home to. Bear comes to the rescue and in a gut-wrenching scene is able to wake Caulder under a shower. Gripping Caulder’s head, Bear tells him “I’m done covering for you, NEVER again.” There is so much pain on this team right now.

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Michael Nasry @Iamdominicadams

Set Up

So. We have a shady CIA officer who may finally be getting information on her target. A target whose identity is finally revealed. A team who is unraveling. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. There are rough, choppy waters ahead. I imagine the rest of the season will be beautifully terrible.

My Takeaway

SIX isn’t shy about confronting the demons these warriors face. The writers do a masterful job of showing that the world of SpecOps isn’t black and white. There are devastatingly difficult decisions made on all sides. No one is clean. No one is evil. The performances that the directors wring out of these actors are nothing less than spectacular. Seriously. Every time I think to myself – someone give them an Emmy nomination – there is another actor who steps up to the plate and I’m thinking the same for them. There were 2 standout performances for me this week:

Dominic Adams as tortured Michael Nasry is powerful and compelling, the images he creates linger long after the episode is over.

Barry Sloane, in dealing with his own nightmares and his teams, is a heavyweight. No more pretty boy here, just serious actor with serious talent.


We did find out on twitter that Adams did actually have to sit and listen to that terrible Aztec death cry for hours while filming those torture scenes, and yes, it’s as terrible as it seems. If you’re interested, he posted the link to us – Aztec Death Whistle Also Adams did say that in the scene where he pees on his feet? Not his feet – it’s a foot stand. But it was his pee. LOL. He’s apparently very open about his method.

I highly recommend following all the actors on both Twitter and Instagram. There is loads of BTS fun!

Favorite Scenes

*Michael’s torture scenes – not from some weird fascination lol. Just still in awe of Adams ability to portray the crazy, intense insanity.

*Caulder getting rescued by Bear – so much emotion in this scene, both actors were stellar. Only to be rivaled by the number of times we saw Kyle Schmid’s backside last night -seriously, it was a lot.

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