8 Reasons you should watch the Sense8 Special on June 8th.

With the Sense8 Special coming up next week, a lot of people have asked me why they should bother watching a show that’s been cancelled.  Here’s some of the questions they’ve asked:

Why should I bother?  It won’t make a difference.

What’s the point of getting invested in a show that’s been cancelled?

Why should I care?  What will happen if I do?

What makes this show so different from others?  Why do you fight so hard for this show?

Is it worth it?  Why do I waste my time?

Here are 8 reasons why you should care about the show and why it’s worth everyone’s time.

1.  Lana Wachowksi.

Sense8 is the brainchild of Lana Wachowski, known for creating and directing such movies as :The Matrix, Jupiter Ascending, and Cloud Atlas.

She created this show because she wanted a world where the LGBT community would be represented fairly and in a positive light.  Lana saw that cinema was lacking positive LGBT representation.  She wanted to change that.

Without her passion for the show and the characters she created, the fans never would have fallen in love with the Sense8 world.

She became our “cluster mother” and brought so many people from so many cultures together in a way few others could ever hope to.

2.  The Characters

Sense8 has unique characters.  Lana created a world where men and women can work together without judging or being afraid of each other; where everyone’s accepted for who they are, not judged for what they are.

While the characters themselves aren’t that innovative, the way they accept each other and react to each other is.

They’re characters from all over the world, 9 different countries and cultures, and we get to delve deep into all of them and learn what makes them unique.  The locations brings me to my next point.

3.  The locations.

Sense8 is shot in 8 countries around the world, including:  USA, Kenya, Iceland, South Korea, India, Berlin, Mexico,  and in London initially.  They actually were able to film in all 8 countries, in rare locations that made the storytelling that much more unique and thrilling to see on the screen.

Seeing the differences in the cultures of the senseates makes their bond more unique and beautiful to see unfold on the screen.

Actually getting to go to locations such as these are rare events, and the fact that Sense8 was able to film at events like Pride in San Francisco and Sao Pualo, film a “Mexican action film” in Mexico city, a “Bollywood Indian wedding” in Mambai, just gave that much more authenticity to the story and gave actors unique insights into their characters they might not have had otherwise.

It gives the show authenticity that you can’t get just from a green screen and makes what they were able to accomplish that much more jaw dropping.

4.  The Story.

The story is the heart of any show.  Like most, it’s full of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat the whole season.

I’ve heard the complaints of the first few episodes being slow and boring, with a lot of exposition.  Think about it though, without that, we’d be so lost when it came to what was going on when the action did start.

Having those extra episodes to get to know the characters is what makes a platform like being on Netflix so unique.  You have that luxury of being able to dig deep and not have to cow tow to network’s concerns about getting to the action.

The story is complicated, but simple.  8 people are reborn with the ability to sense each other’s thoughts.

They’re able to see through each other’s minds and experience what they’re going through.

They’re literally able to walk in each other’s shoes.

Think about how incredible that would be for a moment.  To truly be able to understand what someone is going through.

Think of how that would change people’s minds and hearts about other races and creeds.

In this day and age, we need stories that are bridges and about acceptance more than ever.

This is one of the most important aspects of the show.  It enable’s people to have empathy and compassion for others, something that is sorely lacking in today’s twitter filled rants and mobs.

A show like this makes the impossible possible:  putting aside our differences and learning to accept and love each other despite our differences.

5.  Representation

This show was one of the first shows on Netflix or anywhere for that matter to have more than one main character be a member of the LGBT community.  Not only that, but be portrayed in positive light.

While a lot of shows in the past have had transgender or questioning character be villains or just bad guys in general, Lana created a world where here they’re not only human;  but celebrated, and delve deep into how making the choices they did changed their lives.

6.  Showing positive LGBT relationships.

Sense8 has two characters that are in same sex relationships:  Nomi, who’s transgender; and Lito, who’s deciding whether or not to come out.

Nomi’s partner is Amanita (Neets) who loves her unconditionally, and Lito’s partner is Hernando, a college professor of the arts.

While the two couples have very different relationships to each other, both love each other unconditionally.

7.  Love.

Sense8 is all about love.  Loving each other despite our differences, or even because of them.  In a world where hate and prejudice is the course of the day, Sense8 tries to find what connects us.

The show is about getting to the heart of the person and what makes them them.  It breaks through stereotypes, prejudices, cultural differences, and brings people together in a way I’ve never seen before.

Most fandoms I’ve been a part of has always had factions.  Whether it was Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc, there’s always been parts of the fandom that fought the other over which “team” was better.  There’s none of that here.

I haven’t seen Sense8 Fans tear each other down for liking whom they like or expressing their thoughts.  They talk it out, and discuss and actually bond over their differences.  I’ve never seen such a welcoming fandom either.  That brings me to my next point.

8.  The Fans.

This show wouldn’t be getting a two hour special in June without the fans.  They made this happen.

When the show was initially cancelled, (Ironically at the beginning of Pride Month), Netflix told us there was no way to even make a two hour special happen.

The fans banned together, and in one of the most incredible twitter campaign, was able to make Netflix agree to a two hour special.

This placated the fans in the fact that we’ll finally know what happened to Wolfie, but we’re still not satisfied.

Lana said she’s written the third season, all of the cast have said repeatedly they want to finish the story.

Between that, the twitter campaign, fans have made more people aware of the show and has become fans themselves due to the original fans enthusiasm for the show.

With the special airing next Friday, June 8, you still have time to binge both seasons before the special.  Take your time watching it.  It is a little confusing and slow at first, but by the third episode, you’ll be completely immersed and feel like these characters are family.

I hope I was able to convince even a few of you on why you should watch this show.  It’s more than a show.  It’s family.

Please, please, please watch.  Even if you don’t watch the show, you can always just have it playing in the background.  Make sure you watch from your Netflix account, or the numbers won’t matter. ow

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this and I hope you take some time out of your busy lives to learn about this show.  Trust me, it’ll change your life.