Real Housewives of New York RHONY (S10E09) “Holidazed and Confused”

On this episode of RHONY,

the fight between Bethenny and Carole imploded after Dorinda’s prompting (I mean meddling).

The fight takes place in front of everyone, with Bethenny accusing Carole of not telling her she was upset.

Carole accused Bethenny of gaslighting her, although she’s really fuzzy on her reasons why she’s mad.

Here’s what I took away from the argument so far:

Carole’s mad because Bethenny called Adam an operator.  To be honest; who hasn’t at this point?

How many 30 somethings are dating women old enough to be their mothers without hoping for something in return?

She’s pissed because apparently Bethenny’s been trashing Adam for asking about rates when she called him about going to Houston to photograph the relief work she was doing.

Ok, that’s reasonable, but according to Bethenny, they already had it out for that fight, so why bring it back up?

Carole clearly has trouble letting go of the past.

We’ve seen it before.

She holds on to slights and is passive agressive in confessionals and interviews, but won’t tell the person directly to their faces.

She’s also mad because Bethenny wasn’t at the marathon holding her hand apparently.

The only girl out of the bunch to show up was Tinsley, and again,

Carole and Bethenny already had it out about this earlier in the season.

Carole, girlfriend, I love you, think you’re funny, but you have to learn to let things go.

She also dropped a bombshell that Bethenny called Lu a loser during one of their private conversations.

Who does that besides mean girls and seventh graders?

Watch the clip  from RHONY here:

What I think this comes down to is two women that are growing apart, but don’t want to admit it.

Instead, they take shots at each other and try to look like the good guy.

I don’t think there’s actually a good guy or bad guy.

Friends split, and grow apart.  It’s part of life.  Instead of making each other miserable, they need to accept it and move on.

They spend the rest of the weekend at Dorinda’s getting wasted and being crazy, my favorite part of these trips.

Sonja showed Dorinda pictures of the damage to the walls she’d taken when she arrived as proof that she didn’t destroy or

wear anything she shouldn’t.

Carole and Bethenny agree to a truce of sorts and move on.  Then the girls head back to the city.

Next on RHONY,

Bethenny hosts her version of a Christmas party, a Christmas in the city vs Christmas in the country, and is in the center of controversy yet again.

This poor woman didn’t get a chance to breathe this episode without people breathing down her neck.

She and Dorinda had discussed a Nutcracker that Bethenny was trying to get for Brynn for Christmas.

Apparently Dorinda made a connection, and next thing we know,

a guy from FAO Swartchz is showing up at Bethenny’s party with the only Nutcracker in America.

Bethenny went crazy, hugging him and saying how crazy Brynn was going to go.

She went to Dorinda and said, “You saved Christmas!” while still being giddy with delight.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough.

Carole, of course, started saying under her breathe,

“What about Dorinda?  What about thanking Dorinda?”

Which was confusing because it looked like Bethenny had.

I’m not sure if it was editing, but they never showed Bethenny actually thanking Dorinda for helping make this happen.

Dorinda doesn’t say anything, but in her confessional says:

“Look, I’m not one for accolades, but where’s my accolades?”  Which, if true, would be hurtful.

I just don’t think Bethenny wouldn’t have thanked her for something like this.

This is just my opinion, but I think production had a part in this one.

After that comment,

they played a game of Elephant, and Ramona made a remark about starting her skin care line.

I think she meant trying to restart her line right?

Anyone else remember her TruRenewal skin care back in season 3?  Anyone?  So do I.

Bethenny ripped into her for turning a fun moment into an infomercial, which is pretty ironic

considering she’s been accused of doing the same thing in the past.

At the end of this episode of RHONY,

Bethenny calls Ramona and they get into it while Ramona walks Coco.  (Don’t worry,Coco wasn’t harmed in the filming of this fight)

You can watch the clip from RHONY here:

Let me know what you think of the episode.  Who’s side are you on?  Tell me in the comments below.  #TeamBethenny #TeamCarole