Fear The Walking Dead (S04E07) ” The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now “

One episode before the mid-season finale!!!
And finally we had some answers at to what happened to the stadium and the community.
As you might remember, last week we saw Alicia, Strand and Luciana about to start a fight with the vultures, but before everything started, Naomi appeared driving the rover and Alicia lost it, (it seems that something happened regarding Madison’s well being, which still we don’t know for sure) So the younger Clark shot Naomi but John intercepted the bullet first, now his life is hanging in there.
Morgan asks Al to take them somewhere to get medical supplies, after some convincing, she finally agrees. Before they leave, Morgan finds little Charlie all alone and scared, so he takes her with them.

fear2 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E07) " The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now "

We know for sure one of the reason of this war is because of Nick’s death, but also it because of their former home. Through some flashbacks, as we’ve been getting this season, we know now that the vultures strike the stadium.
Little Charlie came back once again looking for help, of course everyone were suspicious about it. But they went with her anyway. Apparently, Mel and Ennis had a fight and Mel crashed the bus and as pretty injured. Madison orders to take him and cure him, despite Nick’s warnings.
No, Mel is not a friend but he did warn about his brother’s plan about attacking the stadium, and in doing so, he got inside of Naomi’s head.

fear5 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E07) " The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now "
She tried to convince Madison to just leave, but the older Clark is determinate to keep this place for her kids, she will fight whatever it comes.

She got tired about this Mel persona, and kicked him out after all, even tho he was still injured.
Charlie tries to communicate with Mel through a walkie-talkie Alicia left in the car for him, the communication is brief but they know he can’t make it out there much longer.

fear4 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E07) " The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now "
The Clark siblings still have some sense of humanity, so they decide to go after Mel. Strand did try to stop them but deep down he knew everyone deserved a second chance. Just like the one Madison gave him.
They did get to Mel, just to see Ennis and a bunch of trucks full of walkers going to the stadium. Alicia warns her mom about it.
Before they get back, an ice cream truck appears out of nowhere and leaves a trail of inflammable oil in front of the stadium. Ok this is getting serious.

Then little by little the rest of the caravan starts parking the trucks full of infected, they freed them and light up the oil with fire. S*** went down!
Alicia and Nick are trapped in the car with an injured Mel and cant get inside. Emotional moment, when Alicia tells Madison that she is sorry but she needed it to do that. The worst part is that Madison understands.
Funny and ironic later, when Alicia ends up killing Mel for good during the confrontation. I think we lost sweet and innocent Alicia for good.
Al, Morgan, Naomi, Charlie and a dying John get to the stadium only to give us a little peek of what happened after the Vultures attack. Imagine Al’s face when she sees an horde of burned walkers all over the place, well at least now she has a big story, doesnt she?

fear3 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E07) " The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now "
And we are still wondering WHERE IS MADISON?????

Side note: I hope in the next part of the season we get to see more about Strand, Alicia and Luciana. I get the writers here, they need to make the new character more likeable if they plan on keeping them around. So in order to do so, they make the old characters less pleasent and less humanitarian sort of speak. In a sense this half season felt more like a new “show” for Al, Morgan, John and Naomi.

Cant wait for the new dynamics that might come between the new and old characters. I trust the Fear’s writers a 100%.