The Americans (S06E10) “Start”

The Americans aired it’s final episode Wednesday night. The finale of the series. I will miss this show dearly. The Americans was original, the script was sensational and this was one of the only shows where some of the scenes with no dialogue were the best scenes. The actors were talented enough that words were needed to convey their emotional state in every scene. This show was about KGB Agents ( or illegals) working for the enemy on American soil, but you cared about these characters. At the end of the day, it was a story about family.

Stan (Noah Emmerich) spent most of the episode chasing the Jennings. He called the travel agency asking for both Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and of course they were not at work. He then decided to go to Paige’s (Holly Taylor) apartment to see if they went for their daughter before running. When he finds them, it’s the most intense scene of the series.

Elizabeth meets Philip with their “go bag” after his phone call to the house. They talk about going to get Paige and Henry (Keidrich Sellati) before going to dump their old IDs and passports and get their new ones. Paige, already knowing the secret spy secret, is going with her parents. Henry is another matter all together. He has always been in the dark about his parent’s job and background. Philip then tells Elizabeth that Henry must stay. I think the emotions that Elizabeth shows during this conversation are the most I have ever seen her show concerning Henry.

After finding the Jennings leaving Paige’s apartment, there is a lengthy confrontation. Stan pointing a gun tells them to get on the ground several times. Paige admits that she has known the truth about her parents since she was sixteen.  Stan tells Philip that he was his best friend and that he would have done anything for that family. I thought for sure someone was going to die during that scene, possibly more that one person. Paige asks Stan to take care of Henry. Very surprisingly, Stan lets them go. In the end, I guess his conscious wouldn’t let him turn his neighbors in.

The three Jennings make it on to a bus where after a close call with police checking passports and Paige gets off the bus. She ends up at the safe house Claudia (Margo Martindale) was using, sitting at the table with a bottle of liquor. My guess was she stayed behind for Henry.

Oleg’s (Costa Ronin) family in Russia find out about his arrest. He is last seen in a cell.

After the Orthodox Priest is threatened, he gives a description of Philip and Elizabeth. Stan is shown the sketches and has to act as if he hasn’t already confirmed this himself.  Stan then goes to the Jennings house with a whole lot of other FBI Agents to gather pretty much everything out of the house. I am sure that he will be ok, eventually.

It looks like Stan will be taking care of Henry. We see him go to Henry’s school and give him the news about his family. I felt more sorry for Henry than any other character honestly.

Philip and Elizabeth make it to Russia. Just the two of them. The very last scene shows them together looking at the lights of Russia (at night) from a bridge.

This was not the ending I expected, but if you look logically at what would happen if actual illegals were exposed, it makes sense. They did lose everything, including their children. Sad, but fitting end to a phenomenal show.