BelowDeckMed (S03E04) Supply and Demand

On this episode of BelowDeckMed,

The truce between Hannah and Adam ends abruptly as he throws her under the bus.

He blames poor service for the reason Sandy’s toast and omlet took so long.

Hannah hears this, and that signals bad times ahead for the two.

Kasey is finally over her seasickness, but the anti nausea meds shes on makes her move like a zombie, irritating Hannah throughout the episode.

The crew go for a night on the town,

And Joao flirts with Brooke right in front of Kasey, whom he was also flirting with earlier.

I guess he’s made his choice, or did Jezabub do it for him?

While out to dinner, Adam makes digs about how good the service at the restaurant is, pissing Hannah off even more.

That’s never a good thing.

Apparently Adam didn’t quite learn his lesson from last year.

Hannah goes to smoke, and Conrad follows her like a faithful little puppy.

Apparently at least HanRad is going strong.

Hannah unloads all her feelings about the charter on Conrad, who tries to placate her but can’t.

They bond over having crappy childhoods and then head back to the group.

Back on the yacht,

HanRad continue their flirtation, accumulating in a sizzling kiss.

When asked about it in the interview, Hannah blushes bright red and says, “Next question!”

While cute together, this does break a universal yachtie rule:  Don’t hook up with other crew!

If the rest of the crew find out, there’ll be hell to pay.

They get ready for the next charter guest,  and have a preference sheet meeting.

The next charter is Honey Sharshar, and she’s GlotKosher, which is a very specific type of Jewish diet.

Adam’s going to have to be on his A+ game on this charter.

The saga with Jamie and Joao continues, as he berates her for being late.

He asks why she has an attitude problem, and she brushes him off, because, well, look who  it is.

The interior get ready for a Great Gatsby party for the primary’s birthday tonight.

Poor Adam.  Another birthday party.  Another cake.  I ALMOST feel sorry for him.

Jamie has a bit of a breakdown after her confrontation with Joao.

She calls home, then breaks into tears.

Surprisingly, Hannah sees this and rushes over to her, trying to comfort her.

Hannah tells Jamie how much she’s appreciated her help, and what  a kick ass job she’s been doing.

When Conrad finds out, he has a meeting with Jamie and Joao.

He  tells Joao he was in the wrong for confronting Jamie, and Joao gets his knickers in a twist.

He’s mad because he feels he’s being undermined at every turn by Conrad.

While he may have a point, it IS Conrad’s job to keep everyone in line.  Joao is there for backup basically.

Not to completely try to do Conrad’s job for him.  Or in spite of him.

The primary guests arrive, and immediately the demands start.

Instead of champagne, they want tequila shots.

And did I mention they only drink 1942 tequila?  There’s got to be plenty of that in Italy, right?

Oh, and that there are TWO 1942 Don Julio Tequilas?  I had no idea either.

You have to love a show that educates as well as entertains, right?

As if that wasn’t enough, no one led the guests on a tour of the yacht.

This already isn’t going well.

Apparently, with the distraction of looking for the right Don Julio, Hannah forgot to take the guests on the customary tour of the boat.

Oh, wait, they forgot that Hannah was getting them chilled drinks.

Crisis adverted.  For now.

That reprieve is short lived however, as the guests are more demanding than even the ones screaming for nuts every two seconds.

I know, it’s hard for me to believe as well.

They want their suitcases unpacked, drinks every two seconds, and basically to have their asses wiped for them as well.

The guests aren’t happy with a one course meal, the Chinese Chicken Salad.  They ask to speak to Adam, who had just come up to ask how the meal was going.

They tell him they want pasta and shrimp.  Don’t forget, half the table is kosher and half isn’t.

What should’ve been an easy lunch turned into a four-course meal, with each guest ordering something slightly different.

Adam handled it well, considering.

After lunch, Sandy and Adam sit down with the guests to work out a set menu for dinner service.

They go over everything, which is surf and turf, but catered to each person’s dietary needs.

Oh, and they through in that they want a birthday cake as well.  At least they gave him some notice this time, right?

The party starts, oh, wait, false alarm.

This episode of BelowDeckMed ends with 1100 pm rolling around and the guests still in their cabins getting ready.

Who takes 5 hours getting ready?  Really?

Well, that’s all for this episode folks,  Let me know what your favorite part of it was.  The guests five-course lunch, the party that never started?  Leave me a comment down below and let’s discuss this episode of BelowDeckMed.