Cloak & Dagger premieres


Two teenagers from different backgrounds, Tyrone Johnson (Cloak) and Tandy Bowen (Dagger), acquire superpowers while forming a romantic relationship. They soon realize that their powers work better when they are together, but their feelings for each other make their already complicated world even more challenging.

Their origin story begins when they’re both just kids, and suffer huge tragedies almost simultaneously. Tyrone sees his older brother shot to death by a twitchy cop while Tandy sees her father die in an unexpected car accident.

In the present Tandy is living in an abandoned church and hustling money from douchey rich kids while Tyrone is living a well-off life under the eyes of his successful parents and attending private school life.

The series is an often somber coming-of-age story of two kids deeply traumatized but trying to heal.

Thursdays on Freeform.