Colony (S03E06) The Emerald City (Spoilers)

In this episode of Colony

We learn about how Block leaders where chosen, and who invented the system used.

Of course, it wasn’t used the way he expected it to be used.  Or is it?  Keep watching to find out.

The algorithm was invented by Everette Kynes, who rises to premier leadership in the Seattle Colony.

That damn Seattle Colony keeps getting more important every episode doesn’t it?

Snyder’s reaping his reward for betraying the Bowman’s and the Resistance Camp.

Remember the Chalet in the Swiss Alps?

Turns out that was a real place.

Not only is Snyder living in paradise, he has a butler serving him a swell.

I guess betrayal pays off in the end.

The Bowmans make their way to the Seattle Camp, also known as The Emerald City.

Anytime something’s named the Emerald City, it’s usually not the utopian paradise it promises to be.

Gracie is overcome by infection that set in when her arm was broken during their escape and needs immediate medical attention.

Snyder attends a soiree and is the guest of honor.

He does what he does best:  get a feel for his new situation and figure out his next move.

The next day he and Helena meet at Snyder’s Chalet, and discuss what’s next.

Apparently the invading fleet after the RAPS are moving in decades faster than originally thought, and the Occupation is facing a critical labor shortage.

The plan is to Rendition the problem colonies and reboot, like they did in Seattle.

Wait, isn’t that where the Bowman’s are headed?

Never trust anyone offering shelter during ANY apocalypse.  They either want to eat you or turn you into slave labor.

Snyder smoozes the liason for the North African region, a beautiful woman named Emma, who wants to hear about his exploits in the resistance camp.

She asks if he takes pride in knowing that he’s directly responsible for the terrorists meeting their end.

(One of whom was Charlie) and he replied that it was very violent.

Hmmm.  Maybe Snyder does have a heart buried under all that “me first” platitudes?

Apparently not enough to keep him from working for Elena though.

He does some digging on some fellow proxies in order to get Elena the votes she needs to rendition the colonies.

(I’m not sure why they even bother voting at this point to be honest.)

He invites them to dinner and pretends like he’s negotiating with them, but really he’s just grandstanding for the other political leaders.

He’s letting them know there’s a new Sheriff in town as he has them dragged out to be “questioned” for accepting bribes.

And just like that, Snyder’s back in the Occupation’s power structure.

Things for the Bowmans are going from bad to worse.  Gracie’s near death, and it’ll take days to reach the Seattle Colony on foot.

Will flags down a car, filled with a family headed the same way.

He tries to talk them into taking Gracie and Katie, but they refuse.  The father says to let him drop his family off and he’ll come back for them, but of course Will isn’t going to trust any strangers.

He does one of the most desperate things yet, and pulls a gun on the man.

(It doesn’t have any bullets, but he doesn’t know that.)

Will forces the family from the car, and they take their place.

They finally make it to the Seattle Colony, and Gracie is immediately whisked away for medical treatment.  Katie, Will, and Bram are ushered into a separate area to be processed, and that’s when they’re recognized.

Will the Bowman’s ever catch a break this season?  You’ll just have to keep watching to find out, but in the meanwhile, let me know what you thought of the episode.  Will the Bowman’s catch a break or are they screwed?  Is Snyder back up to his old tricks?  Where the hell is Broussard and Amy?  Leave a comment below and let’s talk about this episode of Colony.