Interview with Peter Jacobson on Colony

Love Snyder on Colony?  Find out more about the character we “love to hate” now.

Here’s a a scene from last episode of Snyder and Vincent talking about the aliens:

How did you hear about Colony?  What made you want to take the role of Snyder? 

I heard about Colony like any other audition, and taped the two pilot scenes with the casting director.

I thought it was a terrific script, and I loved the role of Snyder.

When I read for it, it felt immediately like a good fit

Did you have any input on how Snyder was going to be or was he always like this in the script? 

Snyder has been written beautifully for three full seasons.

My input is simply what I bring to the role as an actor.

As the writers and I have gotten to know each other, the role has naturally deepened, and those qualities that make him enjoyable have hopefully continued to be cemented in to his DNA.

What’s been the hardest part about playing such a hated/loved character? 

My only concern with Snyder has been that I consistently bring honesty and integrity to all sides of him – the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’.

Where you surprised by fan’s reactions to Snyder and Colony? 

I’m not surprised by the fans’ reactions. ‘Colony’ is a terrifically written and conceived show.

Snyder is a pretty special character. It’s fun to watch someone so slippery and human at the same time.

Colony is obviously a very different show than House.  Has it been a hard adjustment going from a show like House to Colony? 

House to Colony hasn’t been a tough transition.

Two totally different characters, so that’s a lot of fun.  The cast and crew of both shows were and are fantastic and a total joy to work with. I’m lucky.

What do you like the most about Colony? 

Again, the real joy of Colony has been the people – the writers, actors and crew (LA and Vancouver). And of course I’d be happy playing Snyder forever.

Is it more difficult performance wise working with a show that has so much special effects? 

I’ve only rarely had to work with special effects. It’s usually a bit of a challenge, imagining something big and scary to be there that isn’t.

Have you had a favorite story arch on Colony? 

I really can’t pin pojnt one particular storyline for Snyder. He’s been so beautifully woven in to the whole arc of the Colony story. It’s his relationships that are interesting and exciting.

Where you worried about Colony being compared to The Walking Dead, especially with Sarah Wayne Callie in the cast? 

I’ve never seen TWD, so this was not a concern for me.

Did you expect the show to have lasted this long? 

I never expect a show to do well or do poorly. It’s truly impossible to predict, as there are way too many factors that are out of my (and really everyone’s) control. But I’m certainly not surprised it’s been doing well. Three seasons is a blessing for any actor.

What makes Snyder Snyder? 

Snyder is a wonderfully complex character. He may be sneaky and duplicitous, but he does have a big heart. Most importantly, he’s smart as hell, and a brilliant survivor.

Is Snyder ever loyal to anyone but himself? 

In the unusual world Snyder lives in, he’s primarily loyal to himself.

Was switching from L.A. to Vancouver hard? 

Switching from LA to Vancouver was difficult for me. I frequently fly back and forth to be with my family in New York, so I had to get used to making the trip to and from Southeastern Canada. And it took me some time to get used to the city. It’s utterly gorgeous and so charming and livable, and shooting in the woods and the mountains was a blast. I actually really fell in love with Vancouver…. but the relentless rain from November to February did take it’s toll on me.

If you could change anything about Snyder, what would you change? 

I don’t think there’s anything I’d change about Snyder. Thank you Ryan Condal and Wes Tooke.

Colony has had some great guest stars on in the past.  Who was your favorite and who would you love to see on the show in the future? 

My favorite guest stars’ characters seem to have all died. So unfortunately I won’t be seeing Kathy Baker or Kathleen Rose Perkins or Paul Guilfoyle again.

The following are fan questions from twitter. 

How hard physically was it changing from being mainly in an office to being on the run and outdoors this season?  How did you prepare physically for that? 

I loved moving out of the office and into the wild. First, it’s obviously a fun and funny fit for someone like Snyder. And second, it’s a real joy to be out and about, running, slipping, sliding and getting the shit beat out of me. I’m a very physical person, and I can get antsy behind a desk all day, every day.

Who do you think would win in a knockout, drag out fight, Broussard or Proxy Snyder? 

Have you seen Tory’s muscles? They’re almost as big as mine.
(Broussard could obviously kick Snyder’s ass from Seattle back to Los Angeles.)

Just how jealous is Tory Kittles of Proxy Snyder’s dashing good looks? 

And obviously I’m a realist, so I know that Broussard is very jealous of Snyder’s looks. Brad Pitt is probably jealous of Snyder’s looks.

What role have you liked playing the most during your career and why? 

I’ve been lucky enough to play some wonderful characters in my career. Top three in no particular order are Snyder, Dr. Taub (‘House’), and the crazy defense attorney Randy Dworkin (Law and Order and L&O SVU).