Real Housewives of New York RHONY (S10E10) You Broke the Penal Code

This is it.  The episode we’ve all been waiting for.  Finally!

This has been more anticipated than the finale of Friends and Seinfield put together.

At least for fans of The Real Housewives of New York, aka RHONY.

Ever since we heard about the Countess’s arrest in Christmas, we’ve been dying to see the real event live on our screen.

Call it morbid curiosity, but you have to understand, this is a woman that was married to a count.

For years she’s been heralded as the Countess of Class, etiquette, etc.

Well my darling.  Is there a book in Class with the Countess on what to do to NOT get arrested?

Here’s a clip of LuAnn’s infamous arrest:

As you can see from the footage,  reports were NOT exaggerated.

Meanwhile, back in New York City,

As soon as the girls hear about Lu’s arrest, they gossip endlessly about it.  To be fair though, so did we.

It’s not every day a Countess gets arrested.  I think even Fergie managed to avoid that one.

They all ask what the hell she was thinking, going back to Palm Beach, knowing Tom would be there and actually renting a hotel room where they had their wedding reception.  Who does that?

In more boring news, Bethenny and Carole have sit down number 3.5,22001.  Who knows at this point?

They keep hashing the same thing over and over, but Carole’s argument seems to change every time the rehash it.

You’d think a journalist reporter would be able to keep her facts straight, right?

Dorinda’s still pissed at Bethenny for not prostrating herself enough, even though Bethenny thanked her ON CAMERA at her house in the Berkshires, and on twitter.

Can we please, for the love of God, put Nutcrackergate to rest now?  There’s bigger problems in the world, ladies.

Sonja moves in with Tinsley.  Yep, you heard me right.

Sonja’s doing work on her townhouse so she can rent it out.

For whatever reason, she thought it’d be fun to move in with Tinsley.  Of course, living in a hotel room must be a step up from Sonja’s Grey Gardens/Norman Bates house of horrors.

Here’s what happened:

LuAnn calls Dorinda after checking herself into rehab.  Dorinda makes a joke about visiting her, and of course, twitterverse went wild with jokes about her checking herself in as Lu’s roommate.

Watch the clip here:

What was your favorite part of this episode of RHONY?  I still can’t believe we actually saw footage of Luann’s arrest.  She looked drunk as hell.  I sincerely hope the rehab helped her.  The fact that she went back after hearing about Tom’s new girlfriends made me think she was trying to get him back.   What do you guys think?  Let me know in the comments below.