SIX (S02E03) “Dua”

Last night’s episode was all about enemies, without and within. SIX walks that line between drama and realism like almost no other show. It proves, week after week, that an “action” show can be as truly heartfelt and deep as anything on television. Between revelations about The Prince (Nikolai Nikolaeff) to the team continuing its emotional sabotage, this season is hell on my heart rate.

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Pieces Everywhere

I’m going to continue to remind you of Lena’s (Brianne Davis) line in episode one, “Careful, there are pieces everywhere”. As I predicted, this is the underlying theme so far this season. At home, we see Buddha (Juan Pablo Raba) and Bear (Barry Sloane) this episode struggling the most with this.

Buddha is desperate to keep his family safe, and Jackie (Nadine Velazquez) just isn’t feeling it.  Jackie is a strong woman, and depending on a man who’s there (or not) is not her style. Determined to be her own safeguard Jackie goes to Caulder (Kyle Schmid) to get a gun. Anabel (Jessica Garza) is pulling away as well, for the opposite reason. This new “safe” house isn’t her home and as a teenager is want to do, she’s pulling away. Buddha will have to work hard to pull his family back together, and I’m hoping the emotional effort required isn’t too much for him. He’s already teetering on the edge after Rip’s death, the thought of seeing him go over terrifies me.

As for Bear, he’s living in a hotel and clearly miserable. Caulder attempts to take Bear out on the town to get a girl, but Bear is a man in love with his wife. Thankfully. Unfortunately, when he drunk dials Lena, she’s nowhere to be found. Girl moves on fast. All I can say is, Get it Together! Those two need to work their stuff out. Right now when it comes to his relationship, Bear is his own worst enemy.

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The Team

Trevor (Eric Laden) is NOT a breath of fresh air on this team, in this author’s opinion. I love the actor – the character is driving me nuts. Between calling Fishbait (Jaylen Moore) a sleeper SEAL, tattooing dead terrorist skulls on his chest, and keeping a plastic cast of a dead man’s finger – he’s a nut job. Peanut indeed. Unfortunately, I’m afraid he may run off on Chase (Edwin Hodge) who we spy keeping a photo of his “kill” at the end of the episode. From interviews, we know that Chase is going to be exploring the darkness within this season, and I have a feeling this is just the first glimpse of that.

It was nice to see Fishbait more in this episode, and his defense of Islam was necessary in the face of Trevor’s bigotry. I’m hoping that this doesn’t cause a new type of rift in the team.

Caulder is still dealing with the aftershock from nearly getting blown up. Between his ears ringing and terrible headaches, he’s not in good shape. I’m sure both contributed to him getting shot in the arm, hopefully, some medical time will be good for him.

The biggest problem I saw for the team happened when they were going after The Prince in Bosnia. Waiting for a positive ID, Bear had to hold off on taking his target at repeated moments throughout the mission. The rest of the team, Buddha, in particular, were chomping at the bit. Bear’s cool head prevailed in the end, but you can see his guy’s are bucking his orders. When facing such a dangerous enemy there can’t be division in the ranks. As dark as SIX already in, 3 episodes in, I foretell rough seas ahead for our team.

The Prince and The Spy

Seeing more of the Prince’s background makes me feel for the guy. His whole family was slaughtered by the Serbs. The people that Gina (Olivia Munn) thinks he betrayed her to. Seeing that his family died makes me very much doubt that he ever turned on her. So she shot him and left him to die for nothing. Nothing except anger. So now he’s trained, funded, well-armed and looking for his own revenge. Gina’s focus on him isn’t about getting Rip’s (Walter Goggins) murderer. It’s a revenge mission pure and simple. Everyone involved this time around is emotionally compromised.

The Dua

Michael (Dominic Adams) spends most of the episode on his knees, reciting an Islamic supplication prayer. Adams again shows some serious acting chops, in the short scenes he had, reaching through the screen and tugging on heart screens. Considering how much we all hated him last season? Bravo. The symbolism of a man seeking refuge was really brought to bear in the final moments of the episode. As Michael recited his prayer we were shown images bringing home the idea that everyone needs refuge from their enemy.

In Sum

For me, there are not many shows that have episode after episode be heavy, powerful home runs. SIX is one of the winners, again and again. I can’t say enough about the writing and the cast. Stellar every single time. Seeing these guys desperately fighting their inner demons while still trying to fight the outer enemy is compelling. The ability to take a hard look at the inner demons that these warriors face, without flinching, says so much about the entire cast and crew of SIX. Can’t wait to see where this season takes us.

SIX airs next Wednesday, June 13th at 10/9c

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