The 100 (S05E06) “Exit Wounds”

The groups are at war and Wonkru people is losing fatih in their leader.
An smart move did by Diyoza, obviously advised by Kane, as we could’ve expected based on the previous episode were they started a conversation with a few tequila shots.
The leader of the Eligius crew offered food and safe passage to everyone who wishi it, in order to prevent war. This caused Octavia to take some action on it, so she ordered to kill everyone who leaves the group.
Adding to that, she is not so happy with the discovery about her brother’s new lover, Echo.
Blodreina banished her again, despite Bellamy’s complains. This last episode really showed us that Octavia must have saved the people in the bunker, but she is not acting as a leader but more like a dictator. Jus drein just daun just applies to everything it seems, mm I don’t see how that can save the human race after all.

Anyways, Echo was willing to go and leave Bellamy, just to keep him save. But later Octavia offered her to spy and deliver the names of the people who wanted to take Diyoza’s deal, in doing so will be pardon from her banishment. Echo agreed at first, maybe the former Echo would’ve done it, but she has changed this past 6 years. She saw the face of the people who wanted to leave and how afraid they were, so she just couldn’t call them out.

She came forward to Octavia about it, ergo banishment wasn’t out of the table. But Bellamy, came up with a better plan, or at least a plan who can keep her lover in the good side of his sister.
Monty cant hack the enemy’s system, so he needs someone who can connect an USB in their motherboard so he can have access. This turns out in Echo going as a deserter so she can complete this plan. Heated moment here, Becho gave us a little bit of hot love before they needed to say goodbye.

1005 - The 100 (S05E06) "Exit Wounds"

Part of the plan was to no kill those who wanted to leave, but when Echo and the rest of the “traitors” were running to the ship, most of the were shot. Yes guys, this was by Octavia’s orders. Of course Bellamy was really angry about it, but in a senses this move was like the one Clarke and Lexa pulled back then when the village was burned to the ashes. Gotta say, this is a harsh move, but necessesary. I think Diyoza would’ve known that something wasn’t quite right and Octavia thought this ahead.

Im still not sure what’s going on with Clarke’s character, I mean since the find the rest, her character was left aside, even tho she is the main character. I haven’t seen more of her since episode 1, which is a waste of character and potential.
Anyways, our Wanheda is busy trying to keep her little nightblood safe. Clarke is smart, so she told Madi to lie about her blood. She told story about Clarke finding her and injecting the bone marrow, making her a synthetic nightblood and not a “true one”. It makes sense given she is facing a crazy dictatorial as Octavia and a religious fanatic as Gaia. Clarke doesn’t know where the rest of the people she knew stand right now, therefor she needs to be careful.

1004 - The 100 (S05E06) "Exit Wounds"

Sadly Niylah did discovered that Clarke was lying about it, and told her to come clean with Octavia, that she will pardon the little girl. Gaia surprisily or not, told Clarke not to tell Octavia about it, after all she is a dedicated fleimkepa of the true Commanders.
Clarke decides to take Diyoza’s deal and leave with Madi. She tells the little girl to just trust her on this, that she is family and needs to protect her. But Madi also wants to protect her mama bear and she is also a little bit blinded but her adoration for Octavia. This ends up in Madi telling Octavia the truth, WHY MADI??

Octavia, shows mercy and tells Clarke that her little girl will begin her training soon. Nope, Clarke is not happy either. Poor Madi, she just wanted to protect Clarke but she made it all more complicated.

1002 - The 100 (S05E06) "Exit Wounds"

Memori, memori! Yes, remember Muryphy and Emori were alone hiding in caves due to John’s electrical collar GPS detector. While Emori is trying to deactivate the collar, the sadistic McCready is waiting for them to appear on the radar and go hunting.
Imagine McCready happiness when the radar started showing movement. Too bad he doesn’t know this duo as well as we do. They planted a trap inside a cave which blew up killing two memebers and leaving a heavily injured McCready as hostage. Yeah!! Kudos to Memori.

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