Legion (S02E10) “Chapter 18”

There is no correlation between what is real and what is surely a living nightmare, the worlds seem to be melding together in a twisted way that only Legion is able to bring to life. The storm has come and the chaos will take them all to the brink. Will David be strong enough to fight his demons? We will soon find out. Be forewarned there may be spoilers ahead.

Syd (Rachel Keller) has been caught, so to say, baited by an innocent creature. Melanie (Jean Smart) is on the receiving end of this twisted game. Guided by bitterness and years of pain caused by her absent lover, she is on a mission to paint David (Dan Stevens) as the bad guy. Love is stronger than these lies that are being fed to Syd, they have been through hell and back after all.

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Melanie whispering sweet nothings into the heart of Syd’s fears. (Google/FX)

The desert is cruel and unforgiving, but this is an element that David is not fearful of. Oliver (Jemaine Clemet) is caught in the same twisted game, merely a pawn that Faruok ( Navid Negahban) has put in play. In sheer desperation to find Syd, David’s will do anything to find her, even hurting an old friend. Truth or lies, it’s hard to make a proper assessment at this point. The monsters are inside each and every one of them,

Fans of this show expect the bizarre and insanity driven plot lines, it definitely keeps the viewer on their toes and questioning every moment that flashes before their eyes. It is one of the things that keeps me coming back to the show, because you never know what’s going to happen next. There’s something about the line they draw and how they bring the concept of derangement to life.

Melanie seems to have a power over Syd, causing her thoughts to wane and question all she believed to be true. It all comes back to David in the end, the very end that is. The fate of the world is in his hands, sometimes the hero ends up the villain no matter what path they take. There is still hope in Syd’s heart, but now that the “truth” is out there, this will change everything

legionchapter1822 - Legion (S02E10) "Chapter 18"
David, taking matters into his own hands. (Google)

This is exactly what Farouk wants. If the trust is broken, then the battle will be nearly impossible. They need each other to get through this trial, but it’s anyone’s game now. Even with help on the way, will it be enough when the time comes? Illusions will surely prosper. Good thing they have a badass like Kerry (Amber Midthunder) on their side. Pair her with Lenny (Aubrey Plaza), and you got a killer team.

A tuning fork for giants? A raging Minotaur? A sunken hole? A maze of horrors? Surely they can handle anything, especially with David’s plan coming neatly together. The terrifying depths of David’s madness is starting to claw its way to the surface, but maybe that’s just what they need.

Farouk rises in his true form, reunited with his body. Legion the world killer, if only they could be so lucky.

Next episode, the war beings.

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