Imposters (S02E10) “See You Soon, Macaroon” Series Finale

The time to say goodbye to Imposters has come. Last week the news about this being the last episode really shocked the fans and the cast of this series. And with goodbyes comes the opportunity to be thankful that we got the chance to learn what is like to be an imposter and what it takes to become one.

In the final dance, the gang is all set up to take revenge upon the Doctor (the evil mastermind that controls them all). The intention was to let the FBI capture him with the stolen ring and the team worked perfectly on the mission. Well, everyone but Maddie. She still has the idea that prison isn’t where the Doctor should be but instead six feet under.

The conclusion of the series gave us a look of what a good con job entails. It’s like a car’s motor. Every part should work perfectly and on time. And this is what happened when finally the Doctor was on the verge of being captured. But the series we like comes with twists and while the main idea was prison, the Doctor got one final prescription from someone we didn’t see coming.

The ending had one final twist of what should’ve been. Personally, I liked that ending. Yes, it’s open to possibilities but we can all decide what would’ve happened to these characters. And for that, we should be grateful.