Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger (S01E01)”First Light”

A young Tandy Bowen is in the back of her fathers car as he argues on the phone with his colleague. He’s head of research and development at an oil company, and there are problems with one of their rigs. Driving over a bridge in the pouring rain, Tandy’s father is heading straight to a truck. As he tries to get away from the truck, the car falls off the bridge.

Tyrone, meanwhile, is out on the streets as his older brother and his friends plan to steal a car stereo. Already in trouble with his dad, his older brother refuses , so Tyrone decides to do it . His brother finds out and says they will take it back, unfortunately a police officer also finds it. They both run away, and take refuge at a locking dock. Tyrone is hidden by his older brother, as he surrender, with his hands in the air. A rig explodes and a startled officer shoots sending his body into the water below. Tyrone jumps into the bay thinking his brother might still be alive, unfortunately he isn’t.

Tandy has the lights of the truck, crushing her father’s car shining on her. While Tyrone, surrounded by darkness, as a shock wave, from the rig strikes both of them. Tyrone then sees a shining light and Tandy sees darkness surrounding her. They both reach for it, and happen to hold each others hands.

Some years pass and their lives have a huge contrast. Tandy(Olivia Holt) lives in a old church and steals things from rich kids. Tyrone(Aubrey Joseph) is a model student, in a private school and a loving parents.

Discovering she doesn’t make enough money with her latest con. She decided to go to a party where kids from private schools will be. When she smartly takes Tyrone’s wallet at the party, he proceeds to pursue her. The chase results on an electrifying incident that triggers their powers and now they are connected.

As they can’t control their powers, Tyrone finds himself teleporting every time he falls asleep. He wakes up in the truck of car of officer that killed his brother, that he earlier found out is a dirty cop. Tandy, also finds herself in a mess, when she comes up against the man she last conned. He wants revenge for her stealing his things, so decides to rape her. Her fear triggers her powers, creating a light dagger and stabbing him.

Finals Thoughts

I thought this episode was a good start to a promising show. The characters were well introduced, and looking at their lives separately first is a good idea. Because it is an origin story it can feel like a drag pace at times, with some very slow dialogue. However the chemistry between Tandy and Tyrone is genuine and whenever they share the screen is very interesting.

It is a super heroe show after all, but they keep is as grounded as they can, putting the main character to real and relatable situations. But the experience for this particular Marvel entry feels unique somehow.

I’m going to give this episode a 7.5/10.