Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger (S01E02)”Suicide Sprints”

This episode sees both Tandy (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) come more to grips with their powers. Tandy stabbed a guy who she stolen from, and was trying to rape her. And she has decided to run away from New Orleans, as Detective Brigid O’Reilley (Emma Lahana) is solving the case.

Tyrone will finally return to his basketball team, after an incident in previous episode. But having discovered his new powers and the officer that shot his brother, he becomes obsessed with revenge.

Tandy finds out it’ll be quite expensive to leave her past behind. With her mom taking the money she was saving for an injunction against her dead father’s company. Tandy and her boyfriend Liam Walsh (Carl Lundstedt), decide to steal from a party that will be full of rich guests. In the party we find out of another ability of her’s which is to “read” minds. She finds out that her boyfriend wants a future with her and she freaks out.

Tyrone stakes out his brothers killer, hoping to get revenge, but looses track of time. He sprints to basketball practice to find his teammates taking punishment for his tardiness. He is guilty, so he stays late in the field and does the suicide sprints his teammates took as punishment. Later, some of his teammates confront him in the locker room. They are angry over taking punishment for his actions so they assault him. Tyrone tries to use his new powers to escape, but he wasn’t successful.

Tandy and her boyfriend successfully steal money and valuables from the people at the party. While on the run she tells him that she doesn’t see a future with him, and leaves him behind. But Detective O’Reilly finds and arrests Liam. Meanwhile, Tyrone talks to his mom and as he comes in contact with her, he shows the same abilities Tandy did at the party. He sees a mother haunted by his sons death, and scared that she might loose him as well. That motivates him more to get revenge for his brother.

He seeks the corrupt police officer at his own house with a gun on his hand. Just seconds after pulling the trigger he teleports with the powers he can’t yet control. Tandy is driving off to the “sunset” as Tyrone appears right in front of the car the bullet he shot hits the window. Tandy looses control of the car and as she blocks her face to protect herself, two light daggers appear in her hand.

Final Thoughts

Being a straight continuation from the pilot, there wasn’t much change when it comes to pacing. We got to meet some characters and and see more of others, like Tandy’s mom, Melissa Bowen (Andrea Roth) and Liam Walsh, Tandy’s boyfriend. This episode there wasn’t interaction between the two main characters as they tried showing us their lives separately. But always maintaining the connection between them alive, even when they aren’t in the same scene.

I liked how they contrasted their powers. When Tandy looked into her boyfriend’s mind, it was happy, bright, but Tyrone looked into his mom’s mind, it was dark and sad. But both giving the characters the drive and do what brings them together in the end. Also Tandy’s scenes always have more light in them, like the party that was in a very bright room. Tyrone’s scenes always seem more dark, like a dark locker room, or basketball field. I like how they using the camera and the scenarios to emphasize their powers.

I also liked how they tied in the title “Suicide Sprints”, Tandy was running away from the police and her old life and Tyrone was making actual suicide drills to make up for what he did, it was a nice touch.

This episode also developed subplots for other characters, like the mystery of the corrupt cops, and lawsuit of Melissa Bowen and Roxxon Corp, the coorporation Tandy’s dad worked for.

There wasn’t much difference in the two episodes, the show keeps being promising, just the ending of this episode is more of a cliffhanger, that leaves the audience curious.

So i’ll give this episode a 7.5/10