The Originals (S05E06) ‘What, I, Will, Have, Left.”

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Hello everyone and welcome back. I was on hiatus. But I’ve returned. This episode was written by Marguerite MacIntyre. Directed by our very own Charles Michael Davis.

Revenge and Betrayal.
It always seems like these two go hand in hand. Why is that? We get a death-blow dealt to us from none other than REJ. (Que Surprise! NOT REALLY.) Hope, (Danielle Rose Russell) you should have known better. Why did you get into that car? Taking selfies with the enemy to top it off. I knew when Klaus (Joseph Morgan) found those selfies it was like pouring hot acid on an open wound. Greta (Natasha Livingston) was in a picture with REJ! (Her son for all intents and manipulative purposes). Klaus knew his baby girl was in some serious trouble! Who took Hayley (Phoebe J. Tonkin) captive you ask? It was none other than REJ. This child is so brainwashed, it’s disgusting. Can he even think for himself? REJ brought Hope to see her mother. What kind of sick twisted plan is this? We find out something. REJ’s family was desiccated by Klaus. REJ (Jedidah Goodcare) was the only survivor. Revenge! Yet, he played like he cared for Hope and wanted to be her boyfriend. Entered her mind, to find the exact location of her mother’s coffin… Betrayal! They always go hand in hand.

Hope and Hayley.
These scenes were especially painful to watch for anyone. We’ve hardly seen Hayley all season. Now finally getting the chance and it’s a death scene.  Hayley agrees to do the binding spell to remove her wolf/hybrid powers. She will only then be a vampire. Greta will get her purification. She’s truly nutty as a fruitcake. Hayley begs Hope to look away. You can sense something big was about to happen. Hayley manages to free herself. Hope tries free Hayley before REJ comes back and stops them. He supernatural handcuffs Hope. It’s not long before Greta enters in the room to save her son. (RME HARD). What a crazy extremist cult woman. Greta is wearing a daylight ring! Hayley cannot go into the sun. They fight.

Elijah and Klaus: It cuts like a Knife…
This saying from a song holds true for Elijah and Klaus right now. They have been through hellfire together. Seeing them like this is a Shakespearean tragedy. Will they ever be able to patch things up? I sure hope so. Elijah is not Elijah, Klaus. It’s “Pod Elijah”. Can you believe Elijah went to that shack, to defend “Slim Shady’s” brother? Antoinette (Jaime Murray) Slim Jr.? Elijah had the cojones to tell Klaus “They are his family.” I would lose it too, Klaus. Just remember what I told you. It’s not Elijah. Where is Beks when we need her??? They are fighting on the lawn, so Elijah can get into the house to save Slim Jr. They get into the house, Hayley and Greta and fighting to the death. Hayley is trying to “Save Hope”. Hayley sees the only choice she has left. She looks at her daughter on the floor unconscious being held by REJ. She sees Klaus with a poker though him from Greta. Hayley looks at Elijah. She gets no reaction from him. It’s SO heartbreaking. They were a couple in love. A solid relationship built over years of an unbreakable bond and twin flame love. Elijah doesn’t even know who she is. He is more worried about REJ than her. Hayley grabs Greta rips off her finger with the daylight ring. Runs for the door. Where they both burst into flames. I am so saddened to write that our beloved, Hayley Mikaelson is dead. She did this to save her family. Always and Forever.

@OHMyMikaelsons  Elijah June 9 18 300x155 - The Originals (S05E06) ‘What, I, Will, Have, Left.”@OHMyMikaelsons  Elijah looking over at Hayley June 9 18 300x155 - The Originals (S05E06) ‘What, I, Will, Have, Left.”

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Ivy and Vincent.
There is something weird about Ivy and Vincent. I have been trying to put my finger on it for weeks. Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) is literally bewitched by her. The Vincent we all know is a cool customer. I am wondering if Ivy (Shiva Kalaiselvan) is Eva St. Claire. His dead wife? (Body Jumping, anyone?) You see it’s all making sense now, He resurrects the HOLLA and his wife was a big reason for that whole entire mess happening to begin with. The HOLLA is still around in the Mikaelson siblings… It’s not dead, it’s alive! Ivy this witch that is very powerful comes out of nowhere… You tell me…

Declan his fluorescent green eyes and Cami correlation all a ploy?
The utter and sheer gall for Declan (Torrance Coombs) to be walking around Rousseau’s handing out flyers. He thinks that is going to help find Hayley? Better yet, I can’t believe people in the supernatural communities are not onto him yet. It could be because Klaus is in an immense amount of pain, dealing with this all by himself. He usually has his confidante, his truest source of friendship, his brother Elijah. The simple fact that Vincent can’t catch a clue, that putting those flyers out would ring a supernatural alarm. The simple fact of when Declan brought Vincent to his cousin’s grave Camille O’Connell, (Leah Marie Pipes) did seem a bit off. Seriously, something is wrong with Vincent. He is losing his Spidey Senses. Whatever you’d like to call them. Declan is nothing but trouble with a capital “T”. He’s not really showing his true colors…


The Originals “What, I, Will, Have, Left.” Random Musings:

  • Who is the real villain in the story? I am starting to wonder… You?
  • How much longer until REJ and Slim say adieu?
  • Was it just me, did you find it a bit odd the connection between Declan and our Cami?
  • Do you think Ivy is not what she seems to be? (YES!)
  • Did you enjoy the Klaus scenes with his friend Caroline?

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