The Bold Type S02E01 “Feminist Army”

Hi everyone! There’s been some break and I’m thrilled to finally get a chance to write something about our beautiful, bold girls and their actions! Season 2 came with a lot new ideas and I look forward to see where it’s gonna take us. At first I felt kinda strange watching new episode, like I was expecting something big from the beginning, but it’s not like I’m disappointed, deep down I just missed having them all 3 in one place they belong, which obviously is the Scarlet.

Jane’s life has changed completely the moment she decided to walk away from Scarlet and start sth new at the Incite. She got her opportunity to use her voice to empower women and that was a big leap into the unknown, but everyone kinda believed she can do this. This episode has shown that she may made the wrong choice leaving Scarlet and she became aware of that. Firstly, she got really upser about seeing Jacquelline at the mall, like she still cares about her opinion more than anything other. She doesn’t wanna go wrong at the Incite so Jacquelline doesn’t think Jane failed as an writer. Secondly, talking to Sutton about writing new story Jane quotes Jacquelline’s words and admits that they still motivates her while writing lfor the Incite. Then she thinks only about meeting Jacqulline at the party and telling her she’s linking first vertical story the next day. I got an impression deep down Jane still wants to be leaded by Jacquelline. And I think Jacquelline knows that too and she’s testing Jane with those ‘seems that you made the right call’ words. I also think Jacquelline sees the young version of her at Jane and somehow she knows Jane better then Jane knows herself. I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen with the story about menstrual cups that Victoria has completely edited. There’s going to be some consequences for Jane’s reputation as the author for sure. There’s just a matter of time before she’s back at Scarlet getting a second chance. But let’s not go that far yet and stand still till the next episode!

If there is about Sutton, I think she totally made this episode! Her character has developed since the first day we met her. She’s now more brave and more passionate about what she’s doing. She’s going straight for what she wants, but doesn’t she ruin some other things on her way? I mean love is not always gonna wait for you, especially when you constantly push it away. She kicks ass as a Oliver’s assistant but she’s ruining her chance for happiness. Richard did everything he could to make this relationship work. The new policy letting coworkers sign contracts and date without any issue? Sounds like the perfect solution for EVERYTHING that #Suttard faced in the previous season. Not being able to simply date and talk to each other at work or even outside was killing them both and now Sutton has turned down the opportunity to finally build a normal relationship with the man she loves and man that loves her back. Having someone who loves you back is a real goal if you ask me. Of course, love is not always enough. But now willing to risk your reputation because of some gossip? Let me tell you something, people’s gonna talk whether you like it or not. It’s about how you overcome those labels. You know you didn’t slept your way at work then hold on that thought and let yourself to be happy. My #Suttard heart got broken again this episode, another break up and ‘moving on this time for real’ – it’s not what I expected.

Love life has been complicated for Kat too. With all the mess she’s faced trying to work things out with Adena since the beggining, seemed like now everything goes well for them. They both are back in America, living together. Kat tries to involve her girlfriend more in her Scarlet life. But not both of them were ready to go full on this relationship. During the episode we got the impression that Adena has some second thoughts, she doesn’t wanna show off on public with Kat, she gets uncomfortable while kissing or hugging. Then we found out it was Kat who had some obstacle inside to get involved fully. Ok let’s stop using those decent words cuz everyone knows what is it about. Of course what I meant is Kat couldn’t do some things in bed to Adena and that seemed like a serious problem for Adena, even if she knew that Kat is just new at this. But after all, she were able to sincerely talk about their sex life and as we all saw – they did some other things too! Yesterday problem isn’t today’s problem anymore for them. Glad to see that.

At the end, I’d like to make some space to admire their together scenes. What I enjoyed the most was when they needed to have their moment at the closet to talk about their issues. The thing is that this happened at the event where there was no Scarlet closet! So what did they do? They nicely asked some girl who watched the costumes to leave them alone there! And that’s how it’s done everybody! Brilliant idea! Can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next week! So everybody sit tight and wait for and update! See you soon!