Fear The Walking Dead (S04E08) “No One’s Gone”

Ok.. so that happened. We finally got answers and Im still processing this episode.
Season after season Fear The Walking Dear proved to be a great proposal, getting more interesting and bringing excellent character development.
Now, we only have one Clark left. We know that Nick’s departure was shocking but it was Dillane’s decision to leave the show and explore new things. But this still affected the dynamics of some characters, such as Alicia, Madison and Luciana.

What it was really shocking and I’ll dare to say it was unnecessary the departure of Madison. Why did they do that? As to now I don’t have a clear reason for it. If I have to do a parallel about it, I say is like killing Rick early on the show and most people are disappointed about it.
Even tho she left as a hero, saving her kids and the others after the stadium couldn’t resist the Vultures attack. This fearless leader did the ultimate sacrifice.

fear7 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E08) "No One's Gone"

She leaded the walkers inside the stadium, locked herself up and burn it to the ground. Such an emotional and strong scene. Kim’s performance was always a delight to watch.
I will definitely miss this character, I think it had more potential, but I hope now that Alicia will take the lead and not the new characters. Yes, they have interesting things to offer, but the show started with the Clarks and I think they need to keep it that way, even if there’s only one standing.
We got more flashbacks, that’s how this season worked. We discovered that Madison actually met with Althea before and shared her story with her. “No one’s gone until they are gone”, that’s what this episode was about. Madison believed that she could give that to her kids, to keep that part of themselves as they once did when they were younger and took care of an injured bird till it got better and lived. The little bird called Amina (name on Madison’s tape)

Naomi aka June and Morgan went to find the medical supplies to save John’s life, while Athea stayed with him and Charlie inside the truck. But Alicia, Strand and Luciana were to hungry for revenge and attacked with all they had. Alicia had every motive to be this angry, she just lost everything and she almost lost herself.fear4 1 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E08) "No One's Gone"

When she got the chance, and entered the truck attacking Al, I saw pure coldness in her eyes until she saw a soup can and something clicked. It turned out that when Madison met with Al, she gave her some supplies, including this “soup can”. The younger Clark demanded to know where did she got that and all was clear, in that moment she knew that her mother met Al before, so she searched for her tape and watched it. This might have saved the last piece of Alicia’s soul.

fear8 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E08) "No One's Gone"
She did try to end with all of this and kill Naomi, but Morgan put himself in front of Naomi and made her realize that killing wouldn’t solve anything. He did fail to Nick but he wont fail to her now. This scene was so intense, it made me drop a few tears.

fear9 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E08) "No One's Gone"
Once again Alycia did an excellent performance showing us how broken a person can be. I trust her to hold the weight of the show along with Strand.
Leaving the past behind, our old characters joined the new ones in a little bonfire to give some kind of closer to the first half of the season and honor the hero that Madison was. We will miss her for sure.

fear6 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E08) "No One's Gone"
Fear will be back on August 12th and we cant wait to see how this new dynamics go.