Alterna Comics: The XII (Issue 03)

Hey everybody, so once again we have a fantastic read from Alterna Comics with this issue of The XII! This issue starts connecting the dots a whole lot and I can’t wait to see what the next two issues have in store for us but we need to get through this review first! Here’s The XII issue 03!

So with this issue we had a huge cliffhanger that I don’t think I will get over, this issue really does give you the understanding of who Caleb should’ve been trusting all this time and who he shouldn’t of. We also have a sad ending to one of Caleb’s family members which I have to say I did not see coming, but it also makes sense in why we saw Caleb alone in the first pages of issue number 01. But for everyone who has been reading with my reviews I’m sure we all can agree that sometimes the character Alvin really is a dick and a jerk, and I really thought he was going to be killed off this issue but at the same time I don’t know why I’m relieved that he is still alive, like all things he’s chosen to do so far in these issues has not been the greatest decisions at all.

And Eli, I never thought Eli would die in this series. I’m kinda sad that they killed him off, cause he was like The Walking Dead’s Carl for this series, who always wanted to do the right thing in a post-apocalypse world that they live in, he still wanted to do the right thing. And in the end the right thing got him killed! It really does suck especially for Caleb cause Eli was what I think was keeping Caleb together and not putting a bullet into Alvin’s head when they first started their journey. And yet Eli just had to try to be the hero to tell those bandits that robbed them in the first issue that The XII are coming and its like if he would’ve not been there then Eli would’ve still been alive. But no instead Eli is not dead with the mark of The XII forever carved on his flesh.

Caleb though, I have to admit, Caleb reminds me a lot like Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. He is a great leader but when someone close to him dies, he loses his freaking mind. Seriously when Caleb found Eli’s body he was furious and wanted to blame Alvin on the death of his son so bad. Caleb was literally about to shoot Alvin right in the head but instead left him out there in the wilderness to die while Caleb went to go see if the rest of his family was still safe. But when Caleb gets there his family isn’t there. But the question is what happened to his family? To answer that in the issue it revealed that Hank is a part of The XII, he drugged the families soup and who knows what happened after that. They could all be in a dungeon awaiting torture or something.

But Hank, I never thought Hank would be the traitor of the family; he was always the great guy, the best friend of Caleb. It reminds me of Rick and Shane, we all miss Shane from The Walking Dead, but both of them on The Walking Dead were best friends and they betrayed each others beliefs. And the same has happened with Caleb and Hank that Hank was working with The XII sending them pigeon messages all this time. I just can’t believe that he is a traitor man.

Now the art, as always the art is fantastic! Each issue’s cover pages gives us a little hint every time of what may or may not happen and I love that. I love that this series has such a beautiful artistic style and any one who loves post-apocalyptic stories will love this story cause it’s such a wonderful piece of art! I’m always honored when I’m able to read these issues cause it’s such a fantastic read! All the artists should be proud of the work that has been contributed into these issues!

Alterna Comics: The XII (issue 03) will be released on June 27, 2018 at your local comic book stores!

Next Issue: Alterna Comics: The XII (Issue 04) will come out August 29, 2018 at your local comic book stores!