BelowDeckMed (S03E05) “Can I Have Fries With That?”

On this episode of BelowDeckMed, the Needy Bunch are driving the crew crazy with their neediness.

The interior is going mad with the individual needs of this bunch, and Adam is at his wit’s end.

The Gatsby Dinner Party from Hell doesn’t even start until around midnight, and goes well past the witching hour.

Don’t witches turn to stone or something come dawn?

Adam’s blaming Hannah for the guest’s crazy demands.

Apparently, as Chief Stew, she should be able to magically get them to be nice and easy going guests.

I wish I had that talent.

The Needy Bunch nitpicks everything

from how long it takes the stews to get food out to them, to whether something is Kosher or Vegan,

to why their dishes aren’t getting descriptions (although, the last one I can understand.)

The Vegan is by far the worst one, making sure everyone knows he’s a vegan by saying, “Is this vegan?”

every other word.

You’d think by now he’d be able to tell, right?

Honey and her friends aren’t much better, saying food’s cold the minute it’s set in front of them.

They complain about every meal, and every drink.

Then it’s time for the water toys.

Time for the deck crew to deal with a little of what the interior’s been dealing with.

Compared to dealing with the guests, I’ve always thought the deck crew get it easy when dealing with the guests.

Sure they have to inflate big slides, pull out jet skis and paddle boards,

but that’s got to be better than having to deal with every single insane demand.

I think Honey has a crush on Hannah, because she says for Hannah to look them up when she gets into L.A.

You can guess her reaction, I’m sure.

It’s finally time for them to leave, and the tip they leave is one of the worst in BelowDeck or BelowDeckMed history.

Captain Sandy let the crew know on no uncertain terms that their performance wasn’t reflective in the tip.

That’s one of the things I do like about Captain Sandy.  When you mess up, she lets you know, but when you do something right, she lets you know that as well.

The crew finally get a break and head out to town.

Compared to last time, things are relatively quiet, until Hannah gets drunk.

She kisses Conrad in front of the group several times.

What could go wrong with making their flirtation public?  Oh, let’s see, what happened last season anyone?

Adam and Brooke get close, and Brooke seems to be serious about Adam.

Let’s hope Adam doesn’t fall into old habits and let his emotions get the best of him again.

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