Black Butler Book Of Atlantic Movie Review

Black Butler Book Of Atlantic is a animated film adaption from  Funinmation and Aniplex of the Black Butler Book Of Atlantic story arc from the Black Butler manga.

Now I have never read this particular arc so I’m watching this film for the very first time completely blind of anything that happens in the manga story was how I was approaching this movie.

The movie starts out with Ciel, Sebastian,  and Snake  boarding a cruises ship called Campania to investigate the Aurora Society. The reason behind this investigation is Sebastian believes that they are doing some sort of human experiment using human trafficking as a   source for there supply.

Once Ciel, Sebastian,and Snake get on cruise ship they are immediately spotted by Elizabeth who is beyond delighted that Ciel accepted her  invitation to join her family not known what really going on. I must say right here is we’re some of the humor starts showing mainly because you can tell how some of Lizzy family think of Ciel her brother come off like he dose not like while Lizzy father is just delighted to see him anc give him a big hug which you can right away make Ciel  uncomfortable.

Once Ciel make into the main hall with everyone   Ciel  immediately sneak off with Sebastian to the closed off room we’re the Aurora Society is. However before he able to make his way to the door Sebastian warn him about a secret greeting code he must remember if want to get in.Right away Ciel ask what the code and the only way to  describe this greeting code is intense poses by both party getting in. BA38072B 9626 41FD 9F88 85413597AB08 300x169 - Black Butler Book Of Atlantic Movie Review

After both are accepted in as phoenix members they are given badges after  approval.  Immediately once accepted in Sebastian knows something going on because they are  greeted  by the Undertaker who they  usually go to for information. When Sebastian ask about he here he tell him it just  professional curiosity to why he attending.

The Undertaker not the only familiar face Ciel runs into but also Count Druid who Ciel last saw when he had to dress up as a woman in season one of Black Butler during the Jack The Ripper case when he believe him to be the ripper.This scene alone lead to another funny moment because how nervous it made Ciel wondering if him being a blond wig is good enough to fool him yet again which was so funny watching.

After all these encounters the man everyone been waiting for finally shows up by the name of Rain Stroker which is clearly reference to Bran Stoker. Rain Stroker believe he able to bring the dead back to life in a very Frankenstein using  electricity. Once he think he pulled off well it goes over about how you expected.

Turns out all he did was brought the dead back but not in human form but zombie form and these zombies are not easy to go down. Sebastian takes care of the first zombie  with the help of a grim reaper by the name  Ronald who just happen to be on this ship but it turns out there more on this cruise ship a lot more like a whole cargo filled with dead body’s that are going to come back to life and kill everyone if Sebastian,Ciel, Snake, and the Grim Reapers can’t come together to stop it.

Now that I gave you quick little summary here’s what I really love about this movie.

First of all I like as the film  progressive you learn more about Ciel and Sebastian. The anime’s before this had touched on it but never in as much detail as this film gose into. I also  I can’t forget Elizabeth aka Lizzy who I aways saw a childish little girl who annoyed Ciel but  he tolerated her and protected her because she was family. However there is a lot more  to her character that this film  explores that will make you care for her character even more now given the information you learn.

If I had to pick one more moment  I love in this movie  without given to much away it when Grell shows up who a  transgender grim reaper who aways bring a bit of humor to the series. My last favorite moment is when Grell dose the Titanic scene on the cruise ship with being Grell Rose and  Ronald being Jack. This scene had me laughing so hard because I could totally see Grell doing something this and he did which perfect.CD5FA1B2 35F4 4350 95AC BDCC1FC14816 300x161 - Black Butler Book Of Atlantic Movie Review

Overall I had a lot of fun watching this movie from beginning to end the movie delivered on so many levels especially that final twist which will make the anime more compelling as it move forward later on if there is more Black Butler anime adaptation in the future .

I would  give Black Butler Book Of Atlantic a solid 5/5 and a very highly recommend to all fans of the anime and manga.