Legion (S02E11) “Chapter 19”

What a phenomenal end to another ingenious and insanity driven season of Legion. The creators keep you on your toes up until the very end. Alliances come in to question, but it is all part of that intricate web that has been woven into this luminescent story. Betrayal is their greatest foe yet.

This whole season we have been privy to the pull of madness, and what that does to a person. Nothing is ever as it seems, and that is what draws viewers in even more. There is usually some sort of predictability when it comes to television series, but this one proves that wrong. Just when it seems to be figured out they throw something absurd into the mix.

Chapter19Legion2 1024x564 - Legion (S02E11) "Chapter 19"
David’s greatest battle has begun.

It is the time for David’s (Dan Stevens) reckoning. Not only must he battle the demons within, but Farouk ( Navid Negahban) has been reunited with his body and he is powerful. The battle sequence is certainly something to marvel at and the music brings the action packed scene to life. Constantly thinking outside the box, the viewer is transported into a “comic book” like world as good and evil square off. As we know, there is a fine line between good and evil.

Each piece of David’s maddening puzzle have been latched together. The players have fallen into place, cementing the end of Farouk. Finding themselves without powers, there is only hand to hand combat within their reach. David easily overpowers Farouk, but before he can put an end to his tormentors life, Syd (Rachel Keller) kibosh’s everything. She has been alerted to the truth and can see David for who he really is now (or who others perceive him to be).

Chapter19Legion4 - Legion (S02E11) "Chapter 19"
Syd breaking out the hard “truths”.

This well-timed revelation sends David into an irreversible spin. Could he possibly be the villain in this story? Is he the one to bring chaos onto the earth? The war within begins, but it isn’t an easy thing arguing with yourself. This was the spiral they all wanted to avoid, but nothing can stop him now. The darker side of David is ready to come out and play, they should have left well enough alone.

Farouk is very much alive, thank’s to the Division 3 spectators. He is much too valuable to be executed. There is malicious intent in his idle whispers, seeping into the minds of all who will listen (and some who won’t). It comes as no surprise when he gains control of the plot line. Instead it is David who is put on trial against his will, with his loving friends pointing the finger.

Chapter19Legion1 - Legion (S02E11) "Chapter 19"
Ever watching, waiting, knowing…

The days of past cannot be undone, and the future has yet to happen, yet David is paying for crimes he hasn’t committed yet. It’s a twisted injustice especially after all they have been through together. Love will not save them this time, nothing will. No more mister nice guy, David has awakened and god’s cannot be caged.

There is no happy ending this time. A whole world has opened up and the possibilities are limitless. What is next for this dynamic world? We will find out soon enough!

Legion returns for a 3rd season in 2019.


Photos: Screen captures taken by author of review.