The Bold Type S02E02 “Rose Colored Glasses”


What an amazing episode! I actually saw it twice already because it’s full of positive energy which I really needed lately. Feeling powerless, overwhelmed by the assignments? It’s high time to take a break and watch this episode and I guarantee – you won’t regret it! This season brings a lot of new ideas and discusses extremely important topics and I’m sure everyone gets a lesson from it. But let’s talk details

Jane’s career has been questioned by her new boss after she objects editing and sharing her article without her knowledge. She tried to apologize to Emma Cox for that harsh piece of text Victoria wrote and it all get into a big mess. The voicemail with the apology got retwitted all over the Internet and moreover, the sound of Jane got mixed and spread as a video (which was veeeeery hilarious and creative btw, I laughed a lot and I can still hear that in my head lol). Victoria is nothing like Jacqueline and didn’t help Jane at all, she only set up a live meeting on TV and expected that Jane will repeat everyting after her like a parrot. She’s not a mentor, she only cares about herself. Jane did great on the TV and said some pretty wise things and I’m proud of her not giving up about what she believes. Also, her outfits in this episode was wonderful, couldn’t take my eyes off her! And the nerd look, those glasses and checkered shirt – I’m still surprised she truly did that for Incite. I’m glad she got fired because she really doesn’t suit there. She is still Scarlet girl, on the inside and on the outside too!

My love for Sutton grows with every episode and I’m amazed by her (as Jacquelline appropriately named) magnetic personality. She’s doing her job, she’s making her best and she knows she deserved the position Oliver gave her. The convo between her and Jacquelline was inspiring and J was perfectly right about Sutton – she is a people person (and men are people). That’s all! You go girl! Don’t let anybody to tell you you get special treatment! You’re getting what you owned and there is nothing wrong about that! You can handle any situation babe and you’re gonna do amazing things someday! The way you handled this assistant, the speech you gave her about women not doing that kinda shaming things to themselves, not tearing each other down – completely accurate! I’m wondering if I eat so much of green m&m’s, I’ll be a badass as you are?! And if it’s about your love life, the elevator scene with Richard almost make me cry. Don’t you see you love him? Girl, think about it before it’s too late.

Kat has taught us that we have to find ourselves in this crazy world where everyone is being labeled. That we have to look for who we truly are and we cannot deny any part of ourselves. And that no matter what race or gender you are and whether you tell that to the world or not – you have to accept yourself to feel okay. It’s good to know Kat has supportive parents and that she can count on them. Their conversations were amazing, those talk were honest and truly moving. Also her relationship with Adena got stronger what we could see in the scene where Kat was siting on the bed at the morning, right before she was to hand her bio over to Jacquelline. Everything seems to be getting into the right direction I think.

In my opinion the together scenes are the strength of this show. They’re funny, they’re emotive, they show us how much we need another person in our life. The opening scene with collision while holding juices – totally amazing! The one where Jane panics about the mix video and Kat dances to the rhythm with all her body – the best one! Sometimes I even get jealous about the relation the 3 of them have. I don’t know how am I gonna survive till the next Tuesday cuz I feel that much involved in their story. Oh and one more thing. Am I the only one who wonder if Jane and these cute shy guy from the bar connected or not? Let me know what you think guys, necessarily! See you next week!