SIX (S02E04) “Seesaw”

Pain. Last night’s episode was unrelenting pain, beautifully written, beautifully acted, but in the end just pain. SIX is going all out this season, reminding us again that an action-oriented show doesn’t need to be bullets flying every episode. This week focused again on the aftermath that these elite warriors face and let me tell you, it isn’t pretty. They may be, but that’s a whole other story. 😉

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The sound that’s still haunting me this morning is the one Caulder (Kyle Schmid) let out while laying on the hospital floor. Caulder is struggling to recover from being shot in episode 3. He’s trying to do it without the help of narcotics and it’s resulting in immense amounts of pain. Physical and Emotional. The despair in his eyes as his teams shoots the shit, standing around his hospital bed? He needs to find a center, an anchor to help him through this. I love his growing relationship with his daughter Dharma (Lindsley Register) and I’m hoping that will help. But, seeing him curled up in agony, whimpering on the bathroom floor nearly brought me to tears. Schmid was masterful in that moment.

Bear (Barry Sloane) and Lena (Brianne Davis) are not doing well. This week I’m laying much of that at Lena’s feet. Bearing (wah wah) his heart, Bear told Lena his darkest thoughts. It’s what she’s been asking for – she’s tired of being shut out of his life. Bear confessed some gut-wrenching thoughts, at one point saying, “All these living people? I just see them dead.” I can’t even imagine. I’m so very glad the SIX writers are addressing the very real issues that our military personnel have when they come home from war. But in this case, when he finally opens up, lays it all out there, how does Lena respond? By pushing him away, “It’s always about you!” I mean duh? Did you ask him to open up? Maybe at first, it’s going TO BE ALL ABOUT HIM? Argh. This relationship HAS to last, they need to get on the same page.

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This week we saw Michael (Dominic Adams) in flashbacks as he was first introduced to The Prince (Nikolai Nickolaeff). I thought this was great. We see The Prince talk about his family being killed (and holy cow the Serbs literally put him in the grave with his wife and daughter). That again makes me feel like The Prince didn’t betray Gina (Olivia Munn) and she’s the cause of much of the issues this season. Michael has to prove himself to The Prince and does so in 2 ways. First, he gives a rousing speech about his dream for the future – a future which uses social media to rouse the Jihadist troops. Secondly, he has to kill a kid with his bare hands. That one seriously threw me for a loop.

This was a great way to show the pain of both “villains”, the motivations behind their actions. It’s not cut and dried. Our world is dynamic and SIX is very good at showing that on a weekly basis.


We’re finally introduced to Fishbait’s (Jaylen Moore) family and it was perfect. Considering that Moore is portraying the first Afghan Muslim Navy SEAL, we knew that his religion would be coming into play. It had to be more than Trevor (Eric Laden) making terrible comments about Fish being a “sleeper SEAL”. This week we saw our first glimpse of that. Addressing that his family might be more scared of Islamaphobes here in the US than they are of terrorists abroad was perfect. A poignant reminder that our experiences can vary so widely.

Buddha (Juan Pablo Raba) is still having difficulties with Anabel (Jessica Garza) being a typical rebellious teenager. What does he expect though? She’s been uprooted and is scared, homesick, and yes, a teen. The biggest problem here – Marissa (Katherine Evans) appears to be targeting Anabel. If there isn’t a solid connection to her parents, Anabel may get injured or sucked into something terrible. Keep an eye on your kids!

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So, as I said when you add it all up what do you get? Pain. Pain at home, pain abroad. And, I think, more pain to come. We’ll keep coming back for it though because it’s so magnificently delivered that we eat it up. I keep trying to find something to call out, a mistake, a misdelivered line. Something so I don’t just sound like a crazy fan. But every week SIX hits it out of the park. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

SIX airs next on Wednesday, June 20th at 10/9c

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