The Originals (S05E08) “The Kindness of Strangers”


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The episode was written by Carina Mackenzie and Beau DeMayo. It was directed by Kelly Cyrus.

Elijah Mikaelson (Daniel J. Gillies) is back!

The suit, tie and cufflinks are all back on. His daylight ring is back on his finger. (Weren’t you so happy to see that!)  Daniel J. Gillies gave a standout performance in this episode. Elijah emotions of the unbearable truth knowing that he was there when Hayley (Phoebe J. Tonkin) died. Elijah was not Elijah. He was someone else. A pod person stood by and did nothing.  

Let’s start from the beginning. We find the Mikaelson siblings, trapped in a magical prison of their minds. Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel J. Gillies), Rebekah (Claire Holt), Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) Freya (Riley Volekel) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). Freya shows up just in time to accuse Vincent. (Yusuf Gatewood). When a white door arrives in the middle of the compound, they realize their task: The door has five locks, which means each of the Mikaelson siblings must find his or her key. Once they have all five keys, which will be hidden somewhere meaningful, they can open their door.

You are in the “Chambre de Chasse” for one reason: to be taught a valuable life lesson.  The only way out is to face it in a “impactful and concise way.” Then you will be able to unlock it with your key. The downside for the Mikaelsons meant facing their pasts. Which in itself a risky venture, when you have lived as long as they have. You’ll never know what you could find. For Klaus it was reliving the first time Hayley moved into the compound. When they both decided to name their daughter “Hope”. (Which Elijah played a hand in. “She is our families hope.” – Elijah says to Klaus – S1. Klaus tells Hayley the story.)

We  move onto Marcel’s lesson. Seeing Beks in the center of the compound. Marcel tells Beks that Hope made the “chambre de chasse”. This was the first time they have spoken since they’ve broken up. Marcel needed to know why Beks left him standing alone at City Hall. Beks didn’t want to hurt him. Always quick on the comeback, Marcel reminds Beks, he is stronger than Cami O’Connell. (Cheap Shot, Marcel!) “I’m not worried I’m going to kill you,” Beks explained. “There are far worse ways I could destroy you,” to which he replied, “You’re doing a pretty good job of it right now.” The ex-lovers followed this up with a slightly more hopeful conversation later in the episode — which ended with a kiss! — Although Rebecca remains firmly against the idea of entering into a lifelong commitment. “I’m cursed, and I’m angry,” she told him. “I don’t want you to promise to be by my side while I fester … because I love you, Marcel. That’s why I won’t let my sadness destroy you.”

When you thought the plot couldn’t get anymore twists. It does. The siblings find out Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) couldn’t have conjured up the entire compound by herself. There were several rooms destroyed centuries earlier. You’ll never guess what they do find out? Klaus, Beks and Kol interrogate Freya. She told them the truth. Hope didn’t trap everyone inside the “chambre de chasse” by herself.  Freya admitted to helping Hope trap everyone in the “chambre de chasse” so that she could pull the HOLLA’s dark magic out of their bodies herself. Freya took her key and left right after that. (Scoot on out of there!)

Elijah Mikaelson: “No! Brother, this was our hope. This was our family’s hope. And now she’s gone. Do you understand, I let this person in… I let her in… I don’t let people in…” (Season 01×21 “Cradle to the Grave” [Finale])

Eventually, Klaus found his key among the letters Hayley wrote to him while Hope was growing up. Kol discovered his between the pages of a Shakespearean text. (Love letter he wrote to his wife, Davina.) Bek’s was in Hope’s necklace, hidden away just as Beks once hid her niece as a baby.  Elijah’s key was pulled out of a coffin, representing that Hope equates her uncle with death and loss. Now with the keys in their possession, Marcel and the Mikaelsons passed through the door. They end up in Elijah’s mental prison! All that was needed was two Mikaelsons, Kol left, Marcel left and Beks left. Klaus stayed behind. “Always and Forever” is something they always will be bound by. They go through the door together. Elijah gets a flood of memories of his family. His entire life with them and his life with Hayley. It was hard to watch. Even as a tv critic, I couldn’t help but get verklempt.

The sheer look of devastation, horror, grief and agony on Daniel J. Gillies (Elijah) face, to the realization that Hayley was gone.  It’s the type of performance you won’t easily forget. It haunts you.

Unlike, saying adieu to Slim Shady aka Antoinette (Jaime Murray), Finally. We can all breathe a sigh of relief today. As In ‘Sync would say: “Bye, Bye, Bye.” 


The Originals (S05E08) “The Kindness of Strangers” Musings:

  • Daniel J. Gillies (Elijah Mikaelson) gave a heartbreaking performance. Proving once again, why we love him. Why Elijah Mikaelson loves Hayley Mikaelson. (Phoebe J. Tonkin)
  • It truly is a testament what a talented ensemble cast “The Originals” assembled. This episode will be marked in my top 10.
  • I loved how Klaus (Joseph Morgan) put all differences aside to help his brother. Running through that Red Door together was moving scene. Always and Forever.


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