Animal Kingdom (S03E02) “In the Red”


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I’m back. Sorry, I was on a long hiatus. Let’s get right to it, shall we?
This episode was written by Eliza Clark and Jonathan Lisco. It was directed by David Rodriguez.
Everyone’s on the #FreeSmurf (Ellen Barkin) bandwagon, I’m hoping. You all know the saying, right? “Behind every good man is a good woman.” In this case, “Behind every good crime family, is an even greater BOSS LADY.” It’s time to bust her out of jail.

This episode was all about the money or lack thereof. We also get to see a new couple on the horizon.

Deran and Adrian.
After doing some high-risk jobs with high payoffs. (Lest me not forget to mention that.) Deran (Jake Weary) and his new gang, Sully, Colby and Ox use his bar for alibis. This was the very same place that Deran found his boyfriend or should I say, “friend with benefits”, Adrian. Which I might add, Adrian loved Deran’s new do. He also wanted to know if he “Was having a mid-life crisis?” (I kid you not. As I laughed!) During the two months that had passed between them, so much had changed. Baz died (Scott Speedman). Deran and Adrian hadn’t had time to catch up. Things didn’t work out on the pro-surfer circuit, for Adrian. Instead of killing time, they decided not to waste anymore. They headed up to the bedroom. They made up for it. The next morning, Adrian told Deran, he’d be sticking around and going to the UCSD. He should call him…

Papi Pope.
If you remember my reviews from last season, I always said Pope (Sean Hatosy) would be a stellar father. I wished he was Lena’s (Aayma Keroles) father. Some people are better suited for these things, Pope was custom-fit to be a Dad. I never forget for a minutia that he was a cold-blooded killer, though. I love him making deals with Lena over TV time. Or “Why is breakfast so important?”. In a flash, things turned much more serious when Pope learned Lena was faking being sick. She was being bullied at school. They were calling her late father a “criminal”. Pope’s response to that: “What kind of brat would pull that sh**?” He’s talked to Lucy (Carolina Gurrera) when she stopped by. Unfortunately, she came by with different news. When Baz was killed, there was no cameras on the street and Javi’s crew had no alibi’s. (I wanted to scream out. Pope, she was involved!)

Craig: Go home: Mexico is a dangerous place for you.
Craig (Ben Roboson) life is forever a party. He went with Renn (Christina Ochoa) to Mexico thinking they could just the life. Hard lessons to be learned, Craig. He was working on his own brand of tequila. That was a positive, Things were going relatively well for someone like… Craig. As I said, you knew trouble was coming with a capital “T” when he caught some kid ransacking his room. Craig beat the living daylights out of him. There are always repercussions for your actions. Craig handed the kid some cash and pushed him in the pool. Then it came. The next day, a few guys show up with the baby-faced brawler. They beat the living he** out of Craig, Payback is you know…

J’s troubles are just beginning.
Clearly, J (Finn Cole) has a lot on his plate right now. Smurf’s in jail and running things, getting the bills paid is not an easy thing. (Now you know what is was like to be Smurf, it ain’t easy!) Morgan dropped off the bill from Smurf’s attorney, Goodwin. Also cautioning “J”, that the rent IF isn’t running through the real estate properties she owns. That is money laundering charges. ”J” inquires could he sell some the properties off to make some cash? Only if it’s a private sale. This would give her lawyer total and complete ownership of Smurf’s properties. Ah, “J” rethinks that with a big resounding “NO.”

Smurf: “I’m not just someone’s grandma.”
Smurf meets this chick named Alvarez in jail. Her boyfriend left her holding the bag (literally) when they did a liquor store hold-up. In which in Smurf fashion answers her “Like I give a sh**.” It’s all about time and brainstorming in jail. Alvarez has an idea, you see. She wants to let Smurf in on it. Alvarez had even a bigger job planned before she got locked up. Maybe, Smurf’s boys could do it. BOSS LADY took a hard pass on it. IF you knew the way Smurf’s mind works, you knew she was already planning something. When “J” came to visit awhile later, she told him to pay out the Trujillos and Goodwin. See, Smurf knew that “J” always had a back-up plan. He saved money for a rainy day. When you go without, it’s a survival instinct.

When “J” left Smurf’s prison meeting to see Mia. I was a bit apprehensive. I’m on the fence about Mia and “J”. He didn’t have the money for her “families payment”. Yet, she wanted to spend time with him anyway. They have something in common. Their mothers: “His O’D.” Mia tells him about hers’ “she was stabbed.” (An unconventional way to bond.) At this point, anyone is better than Nicki (Molly Gordon). We can all agree on that? Who Mia inquired about. Yet, Nicki was seducing “J” by jumping on his lap in the car. (P.S. “J”, she knows where you hide all your guns. In the wise words of your Uncle Pope, “Be Careful Man.” Mia, is just too friendly, be careful man.) 

Animal Kingdom (S0302) “In the Red” Random Thoughts:

  • I loved when Lena asked Pope “Are we seriously that poor?”
  • Nicki snitches get stitches and wind up in ditches. You shouldn’t be ratting out any Cody. They did a job, they would have told “J”. He’s a Cody, after all.
  • Who robbed the house? I think we all know who… (Begins with an “M” maybe…)

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