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This episode was written by Jonathan Lisco and Daniel Nathanson. It was directed by Alex Zakzewkski.

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Who killed Baz?
There are a few suspects that come to mind.
1. Mia.
2. Mia.
3. Mia.
Do you really think it’s possible that Smurf (Ellen Barkin) would have her own son killed? There was a lot of sh** that went down between Smurf and Baz (Scott Speedman). They certainly didn’t end on good terms last season. A mother will always love their child. Baz was not blood. Family ends in blood. AND IF you aren’t a Cody, you better stay the hell out of Smurf’s way. You all remember the scene at the beach, right? (From last season, when Smurf pretty much disowned Baz…) He stole her job and ALL her possessions. Remember? Perfectly put, Smurf knows the Trujillo’s. She sent money to have them paid off in the last episode by “J”. Why? For what reason?
The start of the episode we get a flashback scene and see the end of last season. Mouths agape, we see a young girl. A cold blooded-killer. “Todos bien?” (Translated into English: “All Good”.) I believe the man driving the getaway car was Mia’s father. Who can drink a cup a coffee after killing someone? Obviously, Mia can. We fast-forward to present day, where Pope (Shawn Hatosy) and “J” (Finn Cole) have united to bring the Cody family back together.

Smurf/Alvarez: The Pill Job.
Things aren’t quite always what they seem when you are dealing with Smurf. Alvarez had to learn the “hard knock” way. You see Alvarez made a fatal flaw.
“This is MY JOB. You are just the hired help.” – Alvarez says to Smurf (You’d think she’d know the Cody reputation better than that, guess not.) She thought giving Smurf 35% was any better. No, it’s not. You made another mistake. Smurf negotiated slyly until she got what she wanted, which was 70%. (BOSSLADY doesn’t play!) Back at the house, Nicki (Molly Gordon) had a lightbulb go off in that dense brain of hers. She thought “J” could take her to case out the pill job. Ever heard the Taylor Swift song, Nicki? “We are Never, Ever, Ever Getting Back Together.” (Think of it like this: “You are Never Ever, Ever Coming on a Job with me, Ever!”) My question is, when will Nicki ever learn? She interrupted Craig (Ben Roboson) and Renn (Christina Ochoa) getting busy on the couch. Girl just go away. Meanwhile, Nicki went moping around the house. Where Mia was looking for “J”. She was demanding another payment. Which “J” didn’t have. In which, Mia demanded something else for. “J” you dirty dog you, if you only knew the truth.

Craig and Deran: Just like old times?
While catching up at the bar, each brother had time to make fun of one another. Deran (Jake Weary) looked like a “Safeway Manager”. While, Craig (Ben Roboson) looked like he played bass for “Kings of Leon”. (What wild and crazy guys!) Deran made it perfectly clear to Craig he was not on any terms doing “J’s heist job. He was done with the family business for now… He also put Craig on notice that he would not lend him the 2k he wanted. Deran also would not work a new job with Craig. (Somebodies putting their foot down!) Craig decides to go back home. He ransacked the entire place looking for cash. Guess what he finds? Nicki. All boozed up. She is going on about how “None of his brothers like her.” (Hello, Captain, Obvious.) A little while later, Nicki meets up with an old friend, named Sarah. She invites her to a co-ed party. And she can bring friends if she wants too. You never guess what: There is enough cocaine for everyone! (Who thinks Nicki O’Ds? ME!)

Pope: The bodyguard.
We know all Pope (Sean Hatosy) is not doing anything wrong. He’s just a little overprotective. So, driving Lena (Aayma Keroles) to Hunter Rawlings (her posh new school) despite her hesitation, he’d be there no matter what happened. Pope meant ever word he said. He was parked right out front. He was staying there all day until she was finished. That was until, the crossing guard threatened Pope to take Lena out of her class. He decided to leave and take care of somethings. He went to check out Baz’s jeep. This is where Pope found “J”. I laughed out loud, when “J” asked him what he was doing there? “Cleaning it and giving it to Lena.” – Pope “She’s seven.” – “J” Well he meant in the future. The strangest thing happened, “J” mentioned this idea of a “Pill Mill” to Pope. He told his uncle it wasn’t Smurf’s idea either… (So strange. Does “J” think Smurf won’t find out? Is he stupid or being careless? WTH is going on here?)

The Good news and The Bad news.
Craig dislocated his shoulder. He did this by trying to collect money owed to him by some guy he knew. It was a $600-dollar debt. All this happened because Craig decided to do a rooftop chase. (Not so bright there, Craig, eh?) Luckily, for him Deran was around and he tried to reset it. He brought Craig to the hospital. Where the guy he chases down, nurse was a HOTTIE! “Hi, my name is Linc.” She tells Craig. (Supposedly, she was one of his favorite X game stars. Oh, Craig.) Renn, shows up to bring the bad news. She is not getting an apartment with him. Instead she got with her friend, Jennifer. He can come and visit anytime.

Smurf just upped the ante.
You must be a master negotiator to deal Janine “Smurf” Cody. (Ellen Barkin).
“We have a deal.” – Alvarez
“We have a new one.” – Smurf
It went from 50 to 70 percent. Now it’s going to 100% percent. On good intel, Alvarez got ratted out for heroin possession. They moved her straight to isolation! That is how you seal a deal, Smurf style. Smurf’s has this giant Cheshire grin on her face. “And she’ll get another drug charge.” All hail the queen!

Sizing me up?
Who thought meeting Mia’s Dad would be so much fun? (NOT.) The “something” that Mia wanted from “J” was for him to come to a family party? What gives? Is this a set-up or a size-up? It was hard to tell they way her father stared him down. You could say “J” got the fear of God sent to him via a Trujillo. “J” needed to understand that no more extensions would be given. Basically, his time was up. This was his last extension. Her father putt him on notice. Mia was quite thrilled by all of this. So, they decided to have sex in the fruit cellar. “J”, again you picked the wrong girl. It was not even a moment later that the bat signal went out from Nicki. Guess what? She was being held captive by her coke dealer. Guess what his name was? DJ Snowball. I kid you not. (Real name: Dylan). But, if people were walking around calling my boyfriend DJ Snowball, I’d punch him in the face, just because.

The Blame Game.
Is it me, are you getting tired of Nicki too? DJ Snowball didn’t want to let Nicki go. Well that was until he learned that her boyfriend’s last name was Cody. He was familiar with Pope. And like a bat out of hell, “J” and Nicki were out of there. It seems like Nicki has a “savior” complex. Since DJ Snowball came at “J” and Nicki with a baseball bat. Yes, you heard me. Mia swooped in and saved them. Yet, later while Nicki was snorting coke. She finally put two and two together. Mia invited herself to stay over at “J”’s house…

The Job is on!
It’s like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. Later that day, Pope picked up Lena from school. He stopped by Deran’s bar. He wanted to talk.
“We are family and you are in it, so step the hell up.” – Pope tells Deran
Later, that day, Craig and Deran get together. They trash some luxury condos. Deran tells Craig he should move back home. Pope lights Baz’s jeep on fire at the beach.

Animal Kingdom (S03E03) “The Center Will Hold” Random Thoughts:
• Did you see it coming? Mia being Baz’s killer?
• What is wrong with “J” and his choice of women?
• Why did “J” tell Pope that the “Pill Mill” job was his idea and not Smurf’s?
• #FreeSmurf – she does not belong in jail!

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