12 Monkeys(S04E01) “The End”

The end has begun for this well-written and brilliantly acted sci-fi thriller. After three seasons on SYFY, the network gave the show one final season to wrap things up. It’s something that brings relief. While the show will be missed, the fans at least get to see how it all ends.  This last season of 12 Monkeys will prove to be the most interesting yet.
The season 3 finale of 12 Monkeys was filled with twists and turns, including a reveal that Olivia is the real Witness. Season 4 picks up right where season 3 left off, not giving much context beyond a small “last time” blurb. Jones has been injured and everyone is preparing for battle with the Witnesses followers. Olivia uses Titan’s Splinter capabilities to blow apart the facility as Jones works on Splintering out of the precarious situation they’ve found themselves in.

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(source: SYFY/denofgeek.com)

Season 4 has started with a bang, putting everyone right into the fray. The season 3 finale should have included the first half hour of The End rather than putting it at the beginning of this season. The episode would have been half an hour longer, but it would have fit slightly better than having it as the beginning of the first episode of this season. The End is filled with dread, loss, and a seemingly hopeless turn of events.  They barely escape the Witness and lose people that they care about.

12 Monkeys has hardly ventured outside of a certain color scheme.  Blue and grey backgrounds make the situation even more ominous. It’s a dismal but entertaining beginning to the last season.