12 Monkeys (S04E02) “Ouroboros”

Episode 2 of the final season of 12 Monkeys is far quieter than its predecessor. Cole, Cassie, and company have traveled into their own past. In other words, the pilot episode. Coming face to face with events from Splinter has given them new insight.  In the unforgiving light of retrospection, triumphs are now failures. Revisiting the past gives Cole and Jones motivation to continue their journey as well as providing new understanding of where they should be headed.

postapocalypticmedia 300x200 - 12 Monkeys (S04E02) "Ouroboros"(Source: SYFY/postapocalypiticmedia)

Visiting the pilot episode is the perfect use of time travel.  This timeline is different than the timeline in Splinter. The events in Ouroboros are no longer the events that we saw before.
Ouroboros presents Cole and Jones with a chance to reunite in purpose. Cassie, however, embarks on a different, far more selfish mission. She heads into the 1970’s to kill Olivia before she can become the Witness. It’s a mission born of rage and revenge for the murder of her son.
Ouroboros is a slightly optimistic adventure filled with moments of clarity and wisdom that are needed in an hour of desperation.