12 Monkeys (S04E03) “45 RPM”

There are a lot of questions being answered in these first 3 episodes. 45 RPM begins as a conventional mission episode. Cassie went into the 1970’s to kill Olivia before she has a chance to become the Witness and kill her son. She has a change of heart, though, once she finds out that the young Olivia is pregnant. Rather than killing her, Cassie tries to reason with her. We can’t blame Cassie for trying to convince her not to become the person that’s in her future.  As Cassie tries to save Olivia in the past, in the future, we see Olivia struggling to prove that she is the Witness and learning that there is a way for her to become Primary.

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Cassie comes to the realization that they’re traveling in the same cycle over and over. She wasn’t able to stop Olivia from becoming the Witness, leading her to realize she could never have stopped it. She doesn’t know that Cole may have found a way out of a seemingly endless cycle of events. With each passing second, the situation in 12 Monkeys is becoming more urgent. Seeing certain things coming full circle in this episode is a relief. We now get to see full events and not just through Olivia’s visions. All of the build up through the last 3 seasons is paying off in a big way and this is just the beginning.