Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger(s01e03) “Stained Glass”

After the cliffhanger of the last episode, Stained glass felt very underwhelming.

This episode starts right after Tandy Bowen(Olivia Holt) crashes her car, when accidentally shot by Tyrone(Aubrey Joseph). Tandy thinks he’s trying to kill her, as Tyrone approaches her with the gun. He explains to her that he was someplace, but teleported there mysteriously. Tandy leaves with the car after hearing police sirens, and starts hearing a noise and has a foggy vision.

Tandy goes back home to clean up after the accident and she is confronted by her mother. The argument stops when Detective O’Reilly(Emma Lahana) knocks on the door, looking for Tandy. Tandy’s mother says she hasn’t seen her in weeks, hoping she would leave. The suspicious detective insists on coming inside the house to make sure. Luckily Melissa Bowen’s (Andrea Roth) boyfriend, who’s a lawyer, tells the detective she needs a warrant. The detective says she isn’t there to arrest Tandy, but to protect her, as she believes Tandy is a victim of assault. After the detective leaves, Melissa goes looking for Tandy but doesn’t find her. Tandy is in a bus trying to run away, she still hearing a buzzing noise, clear signs of a concussion. She falls asleep and awakes in an empty bus, when she gets off the bus, she finds a younger Tyrone (Maceo Smedley).

Tyrone talks to his dead brother, searching for answers, for his powers, thinking he’s cursed. Evita(Noelle Renee Bercy) overhears him and asks him to accompany her on a voodoo tour. She introduces him to her aunt that owns a voodoo shop. She tells him he should take a special kind of bath or give him a concussion, that will help him dive into his subconscious. He takes Evita to his house to try help him with the bath, as she walks him through it. He closes his eyes, and finds himself in his empty house, before going to the roof of Roxxon Corporation and sees a young Tandy(Rachel Ryals).

Tandy has a vision of Young Tyrone playing basketball with his older brother. Then she has a vision of Tyrone, trying to kill the cop that killed his older brother in many different ways. They all end up in the same way, the police chasing Tyrone. So she tells him that he should try something different.

Tyrone has a vision of a young Tandy dancing ballet listening to her teachers instructions. He then sees Tandy looking at a room with her father and other corporate people. As they are killing him, Tyrone tries to stop it, but she always runs away and always fails. Tyrone stops her and tells her that she needs to stop running and confront her fears. There comes a point where they both touch a stained glass wall and wake up from having the visions at the same time.

Tandy meets Detective O’Reilly, so that Tandy can face her attacker. She finds out that her attacker roams free, as another detective hid evidence from the attack. It is shown that Evita’s aunt has been printing a figure of Tyrone all along. Tandy heads back to her church home where Tyrone confronts informing her that they need to talk.

Final Thoughts

After that ending of episode 2, i was really expecting a more dynamic episode this time around. Quite the opposite, as it manages to make the episode go really slowly, and makes the series more confusing to follow. I liked the fact that Tyrone and Tandy got to know each other and actually helping each other with their problems. Something that will surely help them unlock their potential.

The Stained glass was a nice touch, as it indicates the destruction of the barrier between the two. They now know each other in a deeper level, and it’s time for them to understand what that level actually means.

But as I said in the beginning, it is a very underwhelming episode, they drag the content and confuse the audience.

Rating: 6.5/10