Dear White People (S02E04) “Chapter IV”

Chapter IV begins with a group of white students airing out their thoughts about Armstrong Parker’s integration to Coco (Antoinette Robertson). Coco is having the time of her life being a self proclaimed intermediary between the white and black students of AP. Why has she taken up this role? Well it seems as though she has a higher goal in mind that she’s looking to achieve.

1947 – a personal library from one of Winchester’s first black students was discovered at Armstrong Parker. There they find evidence of correspondence between Winchester’s slaves and its early black students. It detailed which staff members and families could be trusted. The list was short. These findings lead to the formation of the Black Student Union (BSU). Over the next twenty years the organization continues to grow.

1971 – After years of having the needs of women ignored by the BSU, Jeanette Daniels has had enough. Jeanette leaves BSU taking a large contingent of women with her and forms the Coalition for Racial Equality, also known as CORE. Due to Jeanette’s tenacity CORE becomes the administration’s only officially recognized group to deal with diversity and to receive school funding. CORE’s presidency remains a much coveted position to this day.

coco dear white people - Dear White People (S02E04) "Chapter IV"

The students of AP are watching an interview of Carson Rhodes (Tyler James Williams), a woke, pro-black celebrity. Coco scoffs at the thought of Sam (Logan Browning) wanting to bring him to give a talk at Winchester. Speaking to her friend we find out that Coco aims to be the first female invited to a group called Pegasus.

Coco heads to her room that she shares with Kelsey (Nia Jervier) who is busy decorating. Kelsey runs her mouth about the kidnapping of Sorbet, her dog. Clearly not in the mood Coco ignores her roommate, but Kelsey suspects that something is up. After probing for answers Coco reveals that she is pregnant with Troy’s (Brandon P. Bell) child. During the proceeding conversation we find out that Troy doesn’t know about the pregnancy and Kelsey is a lesbian (although apparently everyone else has known).

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Coco goes to visit Troy, who has definitely become a different person. Coco demands that he resigns from his position as CORE president which he nonchalantly agrees to. At the next CORE meeting Coco is voted in as the new president but the next day gets rejected from Pegasus.

The Black Caucus hold an urgent meeting to discuss the comments made on the new campus radio show Dear Right People. They claim that the groups worked together to burn down Davis House. Sam pushes to bring Carson Rhodes to Winchester to help sort out the differences on campus.

After the meeting Coco searches abortion methods and discusses what she should do with Kelsey. After a lengthy discussion the two head to the clinic to get an abortion done.

MY Thoughts:

A good episode that further details the underlining split within AP House. We see Coco moving towards her goals. The episode specifically tackles unwanted pregnancies and abortion. It’s stance on abortion is clear – it’s up to the person carrying the child to decide and nobody else has the right to hold it against them. Very well done to them.