Animal Kingdom (S03E04) “Wolves”


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Wow! And the hits just keep on coming for Smurf. (Ellen Barkin). This was a very revealing episode indeed. We finally meet Deran’s father. Welcome to the cast Denis Leary. Written by Bradley Paul and directed by James Hanlon.

“Go to the mattresses.” – A Godfather movie quote.
Question: Are we all more convinced than ever, that the cops are setting Smurf (Ellen Barkin) up? We can sum it up by saying, that the bullet that shot Javi, was not Smurf’s. Remember it was Baz’s (Scott Speedman)? The second one was planted. The cops are dirtier than the criminals it seems. I loved when they used the phrase “Go to the mattresses.” Hello, do they have any idea that the fans have watched the “Godfather movies”? They are the rat finks trying to set Smurf up. If you ask me, they should be going to jail.

The Nicki Problem.
“J” (Finn Cole) when are you going to learn? Nicki (Molly Gordon) is a dangerous person to be hanging around. What I mean by that is, she is telling your business to people you don’t even know. Nicki is having sex with random guys. Why would you even tell her about why you are paying Mia’s family off? (Naïve and so foolish.) What does Nicki do? She rifles all through people’s personal belongings. She finds a pay-stub. “Mia Benítez”. She tails Mia back (Sohvi Rodriguez) to a car garage. Suddenly, a large bang on the roof of the car.
“If there is something, you want to ask me. Just ask.” – Mia

Nicki should be intimidated but she’s too dumb to be. Mia tells her they should meet up and talk. J’s lovers went out for a few drinks. You and I all know, ply Nicki with alcohol, and find out anything you want. You would not believe the questions she was asking Mia. “Are you, like in a gang?” Let’s be honest, Mia got much more out of this deal. “We don’t even get out of bed for less than a $100k.” Nicky tells Mia. “We robbed a yacht.” – Nicki tells Mia. Who then called a mysterious person. (Who could it be now? Papi?)

Ever see “The Little Mermaid”?
“You are trying to live in a world you aren’t from.” – Mia tells Nicki

A little while later, Mia found Nicki in a jeep with the Marine she met having sex. Mia had encouraged Nicki to flirt with him. (I’m left wondering, did Mia record the tryst as blackmail?)

A1 Naturals job.
I must be honest, I am worried that this “Pill Mill” job will come back and bite the Cody brothers in the ass. Deran (Jake Weary) again voiced his concerns about the risks involved. Pope (Sean Hatosy) challenged “J” to reassure him that his head was in the game.
“Night before a job, you invite someone into the house?” Pope is in utter disbelief of what “J” did.
It certainly didn’t look good. J swore to Pope, “I’ve got this.”
Off they went to hit the “Pill Mill”. “J” and Deran would handle their police tail, which obviously pissed off Craig. “It’s just, you know, learn your craft!” While the cop followed Deran and “J” in one car, Craig (Sean Roboson) drove another with Pope. Once they were all outside of “A1 Naturals” put on “J” put on his hoodie and walked into a nearby bank. This allowed for Deran to call 911 from a burner phone about a guy with a gun walking into a bank with a one. (False Armed Robbery Charge, anyone?) While their tail hauled it to the bank. Deran causes an accident to distract away from the “Pill Mill” and its security guard. During the may lay, Craig trapped the pill dealers in the (shell store) while Pope broke into the basement. In minutes, they’d made off with the safe. Afterwards, realizing that the cops had helped the Cody’s pull off the heist, Det. Pearce (Gil Birmingham) had to admit it was a “nice play, boys.”
“The Cody’s ripped it off and we helped them do it.” – Detective Pearce
“J” throws them 15k a piece. You know where the rest of that money is going. “The Free Smurf fund”.

Welcome or not, Deran’s father. Billy.
Surprise! Surprise!
“Who the hell is that?” – Pope says
We see Billy (Denis Leary) laying on the steps of Smurf’s house waiting for Smurf to come home. He finds out she is in jail.
“It’s your father.” – Pope tells Deran.
Deran doesn’t know what do. Smoke a joint with him or beat the living daylights out off him. Billy brought his girlfriend, Frankie with him. Who Pope saw fully frontal the next day. (Awkward.) Pope wanted them out of the house, pronto. Craig let them stay over? Oh, btw Craig stole a bag of molly from the “Pill Mill”? (Not Cool, Craig, Not Cool at all. Ever heard, get rid of the evidence?)
“J” goes to visit Smurf in jail. Where he updates her on the latest heist. He’s collected a lot of money for her defense. He’ll give it to her lawyer.  When she found out Billy was in her house, she went crazy. “GET HIM OUT!” – Smurf exclaimed.

Only to warn “J”: “If you don’t protect your property the wolves will come.”

Animal Kingdom (S03E04) “Wolves” Random Thoughts:

• I love how much Pope cares for Lena. They are so precious together.
• Who was this mysterious person that Mia’s grandmother wanted her to call? (I am speculating, her mother? You?)
• Why do I get the funny feeling the Trujillo’s are somehow involved with the “Pill Mill”? (Possibility).
• Why was “J” so upset that Nicki slept with someone else? You are doing the same thing?
• How many more episodes until Nicki ends up dead?
• Smurf should be cleared on a technicality. They set her up.

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