Reverie (S01E05) “Altum Somnum”

This episode of Reverie certainly went off the beaten path. If something questionable is able to save countless lives, is it worth doing? They are teetering on that very fine line between what is ethical and what is invasive. The program has never been used in such a way, but they are always up to the challenge.

In order to prevent another deadly attack on innocent lives, the department of defense recruits Mara (Sarah Shahi) to enter the mind of a lone survivor in a horrific bombing. Monica (Kathryn Morris) is not only a “silent” partner in Onira-Tech, she is also employed by the DOD. There are some things that can’t stay hidden for long and slowly the truth is being revealed.

Reverie1 - Reverie (S01E05) "Altum Somnum"
In order to stop a potential attack, Monica must step in.

The team must pull together within a very tight timeline. Not only are there more threats out there, but the lone survivor, Denise, is dying. The odds are stacked against them but that has never been a problem before. Alexis (Jessica Lu) is bitter that her company isn’t being run in the way she wants it to, but she jumps on board to perform miracles that are able to transport Mara into the mind of the dying woman. It’s nice to see Paul (Sendhil Ramamurthy) always looking out for her, even if he’s against the practice of their latest task.

The deeper they dig, the more they uncover. The fact that this woman isn’t who she seemed to be, instead she holds the key to the whereabouts of more bomb drop offs. We now get to know her as a woman who was taken at her most vulnerable state and brainwashed into some sadistic line of thinking. Ashley Trent (Ashleigh LaThrop) is not a monster, just the wrong place at the wrong time. She is paying for her mistake, as her body begins the transition to death, Mara is in great danger every time she enters the unstable Reverie.

Charlie (Dennis Haysworth) and Alexis go on a mission of their own. Hoping to get information from a friend of Ashley’s, only to stumble on to another wayward soul. What was supposed to be a learning curve for Alexis, ended with a violent death right before her eyes. Those things tend to stick with a person, luckily Charlie has her best interests at heart. There is a protective relationship between him and Alexis that is quite endearing.

reveries01e0512 - Reverie (S01E05) "Altum Somnum"
This is the hardest case yet for Mara. Time is of the essence.

Mara isn’t one to back down when the pressure is on.  She is able to compile enough personal information about Ashley and get on her level. Ashley was merely a pawn, this wasn’t the way she thought things would go. In Ashley’s dying moments it stirs the emotions and breaks your heart. She is able to give them impertinent information that allows them to save the lives of so many more innocents. Her death wasn’t in vain after all.

It was an emotionally taxing episode, and the range of which they are able to use Reverie is growing in leaps and bounds. Reverie 2.0 is not only a helpful tool but it could catapult the technology above and beyond what they ever dreamed possible. If something like this were to fall into the wrong hands, it would have a far-reaching and devastating effect.


You can catch a new episode of Reverie on Wednesday, July 11th on NBC at 10/9c