The Bold Type (S02E03) “The Scarlet letter”

Woow. That was an emotional one. I’m still processing the end of the episode. It was a teaching one, I personally learn a lot from the characters this time. This episode had many amusing moments, but it also brought some tension.

Jane’s life became complicated because she lost her job at the Incite, which I think was actually a good thing. She’s not used to being unemployed and she couldn’t find her place at all, she couldn’t take her mind off it even with a little help of tequila. She tried her best at many magazines, she tried to make appointments for the job interviews. But being the Jane Sloan from the twitter mix wasn’t helping. In the meantime she got an opportunity to write some piece about dr Ben work. Yeap, the hot one dr Ben from the previous episode! I’m kinda rooting for them, even if I consider her and Pinstripe the endgame. It was an amazing experience for Jane, he made her aware of the fact that you should be wherever you feel fulfilled; you should be where you feel like you belong there and where you love to be, not where you can make more money or work less. It’s about getting pleasure from what you do and not giving this feeling for anything in the world. All of that made Jane realize that she misses being a Scarlet author, that this magazine is more than job for her, it’s a home. She decided to come clean with Jacquelline, but sadly… Sadly Jacuelline didn’t take her back. Mostly because she believes Jane need to make some growing up. We all want what’s best for you Jane! And I hope that sooner or later, you’re gonna end up being a Scarlet writer again!

Sutton had some decisions to make in that episode. She had to choose between making her orders right for Oliver and being a supportive, helping friend for Kat. She tried to deal with the situation in the least invasive way, she explained herself few times hoping that Kat would understand. She didn’t wanna be unpleasant. It was Jacquelline advice that helped make Sutton’s mind and after conversation in the fashion closet Sutton decide to give Adena a chance. She had moments of doubt during the shooting, but at the end – it all came out really great! It paid off and Oliver loved the idea.

Kat showed how much she cares about Adena, it’s a serious relationship for her and she would put all the strings to help her girlfriend. It was amazing how she didn’t lose faith in Adena till the end. That’s kind of support that everyone needs in their relationship. Although, she asked a lot, I mean, I’m not sure it was completely fair to ask this sorta favour. Of course you can ask, but, you shouldn’t pressure anyone, not even your best friend when it comes to her duties. But luckily, they managed to reconcile everything and it turned out wonderful!

Fashion closet scenes officially became my favourite ones! I love watching girls working on their life problems together. It’s so building up. I miss having all three of them constantly at Scarlet. This trio is magnificent and they belong there. Also I’d like to have someone coming by with a breakfast when I’m having a rough time. Bringing up the presents is welcome too! No, seriously, I love how they look for each other and always things about the other person. Having friends like that is a win!

Can’t wait to find out whether Jane is going on that date with dr Ben or not! I hope her being depressed after Jacquelline’s rejection won’t cause Jane refusing it after all cuz I really like this guy. He is inconspicuous and great dancer. Certainly he could surprise us with something more! If you are as interested as I am, wait with me for the next episode!

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