Reverie (S01E04) “Blue Is The Coldest Color”

When we last left the world of Reverie, Mara’s (Sarah Shahi) reality was melding together with fantasy. The world is full of dangers and this program may be the one to end her time on this earth if she isn’t careful. Help comes in the form of Oliver Hill (Jon Fletcher) ,who just so happens to be Alexis’s (Jennifer Lu) former partner at Onira-Tech.

There is always something sinister just below the surface but it is something Mara must learn for herself. Oliver has implanted that thought of mistrust in her head, questioning everything she has stood for till that moment. Secrets will be their undoing, so it’s time for the truths to surface, no matter how painful they may be. They need Mara to be focused.

reveries01e04 - Reverie (S01E04) "Blue Is The Coldest Color"
REVERIE — “Blue Is The Coldest Color” Episode 104 — Pictured: Jon Fletcher as Oliver Hill — (Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC)

True to form, there is never a dull moment for the team. Tech has gone missing from the laboratories and it is Mara’s job to track down the culprit within the confines of Reverie. Luckily they were able to pinpoint the stolen BCI, but things aren’t always what they seem, and in this case there is something good propelling the thoughts of the culprit, Glenn (David Clayton Rogers). The best of intentions gone awry.

The program has been used to help so many people, and even though a heist may be in the works, there is nothing diabolical behind Glenn’s line of thinking. In fact he happens to be a shut-in who suffers from OCD, just trying to help out the people who mean the most to him in the world. Mara intends to show him that the outside world isn’t as unfriendly as he has perceived it to be.

There seems to be a struggle between good and the unconventional.  Oliver is unhinged, but he was like that before Reverie came into play. This is sure to bring some dangerous conflict in the near future, even with Charlie’s (Dennis Haysworth) threats, he won’t keep away for long.

Reveries01e043 - Reverie (S01E04) "Blue Is The Coldest Color"
REVERIE — “Blue Is The Coldest Color” Episode 104 — Pictured: Kathryn Morris as Monica Shaw — (Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC)

There is a great breakthrough with Glenn, thanks to some friends in high places. He is able to rise above his fears, with the help of Mara. Sometimes focusing on others problems can help one get their own struggles. Not only is Glenn able to fight past his demons he potentially saves the life of someone he loves. The trade-off? Giving some valuable information about the “Dark Reverie” exchange. A dangerous place where people remove the moral compass within the program to unleash your worst nightmares. I am sure this will come up more as the show progresses.

If they can’t be honest with each other then it will all be for nothing.

You can catch a new episode of Reverie, Wednesday June 27th on NBC at 10/9c