Petition: #SaveShadowhunters – Show Your Support

#SaveShadowhunters Petition:

As fans were hit by the shocking news of Shadowhunters being cancelled, the hashtag #SaveShadowhunters quickly hit the trends on Twitter. Our author Aneesa wrote an article about Save Shadowhunters: The Hunt for a Renewal.

A petition has been started which already has 128k+ signatures to bring it back. Join the fight to save the show by clicking on the image and signing the petition.

1 - Petition: #SaveShadowhunters - Show Your Support

The message on the petition by Serena Leslie (who started the petition) is:

Shadowhunters just got announced that its being canceled please please PLEASE if you have any love for this show sign this petition make it known retweet it share it on Facebook snap Instagram do whatever you have to do to make this petition known I will not rest until my show that saved me is saved. It saved me once now it’s time for me to save it please help me do that.