The 100 (S05E07) “Acceptable Losses”

Better late than never!
Last episode was full or surprises, but none of them were good.
For starters Octavia with the help of Kara Cooper are breeding those nasty worms in the body of the deserters. WHAT?? Yes, they are planning on using it as weapon to kill the Eligious crew and take the Valley.
Of course Bellamy and Clarke weren’t happy about it. Lets remember that Raven, Kane, Abby and co. are still there and will suffer the attack as well. Octavia doesn’t seem to care, those are collateral damage. I don’t think so girl!

t1005 - The 100 (S05E07) "Acceptable Losses"
Echo and Raven finally meet again. Echo tells Raven about the USB Monty gave her to hack Eligious system. The only problem, they need access to their motherboard, that would be difficult considering they are still prisoners wearing the electrical collars.

Raven tells Echo about Shaw, how he helped them with the missil attack and maybe he is some kind of ally. Echo thinks fast and tries to convince Raven to expose him so they can have access to the computers and connect the USB. Raven doesn’t agree with her. Echo knows this a low blow, but in a pragmatical thinking she doesn’t owe Shaw sh*** and they need to stop this people. Times of war!!
Exposing Shaw not only will give them access to their computers, but it will provide the chance to prove Diyoza that Echo is a good spy and is on “their” side. The plan worked, resulting in Shaw being beaten up and enclosed with the other prisoners.

Another shocking turn of events, Diyoza pays a visit to Abby. She thinks that Diyoza might be getting sick that’s why she is very interested in finding a cure, but actually she is PREGNANT! Another big WHAT? Who’s the baby’s father? Maybe McCready? Who knows.. this just got interesting.

On a side note, we didn’t get more Memori screen time this episode, so far we know they have McCready as a prisoner.

Back in Polis, or whats left of it, Madi started her training with the other kids. Clarke asks Madi to hold back. She needs to show Octavia that she isn’t a threat. Better to buy some time while trying to get the hell out of there. Give Clarke a break please!
Did we find another ally? Gaia also pays a visit to Madi, she tells her to listen to Clarke about holding back. Gaia explains she is a devoted protector of the flame and the legacy of the commanders. She wants Madi to be the next Commander, but only if she wants it.

t1003 - The 100 (S05E07) "Acceptable Losses"

Madi sees the “flame” for the first time. Maybe someday she will meet Lexa, I mean she is there after all, let me dream!

As we might have predicted, Madi couldn’t hold back for too long, when it was time to fight she couldn’t resist being beaten up, so she fought back, showing that she is actually a great warrior.
This gets of course Octavia’s attentions. She tells Madi she will be fighthing along with her to get the Valley back. Clarke must be fuming in the inside. She is smarter and doesn’t show it of course.
So it doesn’t come as a surprise when Clarke calls Diyoza and plans to take down Octavia.

What a cliffhanger! Thing will get pretty ugly and bloody, Im sure!
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