The Originals (S05E09) “We Have Not Long to Love”


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The blame game is alive and stronger than ever of “The Originals”. This episode was written by K. C. Perry and Michelle Paradise. Directed by Bethany Rooney.

The Landslide will bring you down: Hope the HOLLA is taking over.
“Hope, if violence is what you need to feel better, then you have the perfect father.” – Klaus

The HOLLA’s is taking take full possession of Hope (Danielle-Rose Russell). It made things worse by her taking in all the dark magic. (Add in hearing eerie voices non-stop in her head.) This was supposed to be a celebration of sorts. (How does a Mikaelson celebrate exactly?) Reunited and it feels so good… Hold that thought. Enter in Uncle Elijah. Who obviously, causes Hope to bend spoons with the power of her mind. (Hope’s sending her anger in the wrong direction. Why not kill “Slim Shady”, REJ and the rest of the purist vampires to get your revenge.) By the time they get to Rousseau’s, Hope unleashes her anger on her Uncle Elijah. You’ll never guess who was there to witness all this? FWB. I know. Of all the times he had to show up. Thankfully, Klaus was not far behind to stop his daughter for causing a real tragedy.

“For once we’re in the same room and the world’s not ending.” Klaus tells Hope

He marveled at all the strength she has because she got that trait from Hayley (Phoebe J. Tonkin).
Klaus and Hope are more a like than they even realize. He could comfort her in her time of need. For once not having to worry about anything separating them. They could be father and daughter for a while. I really wish Hope wouldn’t direct her anger solely on her Uncle Elijah. It was Greta (Natasha Livingston) that ultimately killed her mother. I know some will argue, he stood by and did nothing. IF you had no idea who and what you were to someone, how could you be blamed? Yes, knowing he is suffering immensely isn’t that enough?

War, What Good Gawd Yawl, what is it good for?
“She still held a candle for the guy.” – Declan (Cough) the one right in front of him.
“Like the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.” – Elijah
Interesting plot why the writers decided now would be the right time for Elijah and Declan to finally meet. The blame game is strong like I said in my opening statement. Declan blaming Elijah for Hayley’s death. He should be blaming the “purist vampires” headed by the now dead Greta and family for it. Elijah had no memories and no recollection of who he was. IF, for one second, he knew that it was the love of his life, Hayley. You think that would have happened? Think again, FWB. This is a kind of pain that will haunt Elijah for all eternity.
Why is Declan (Torrance Coombs) still around? In further discussion with friends, I have concluded the following:
IF Declan was truly Camille O’Connell’s (Leah Pipes) relative and Kieran’s nephew. He would have known about the “family secret”. Again, didn’t Father Kieran mention that the nephew Sean was the only other living relative besides Cami to pass “the family legacy” onto? STRANGE. (So, Declan would have known all about the human and supernatural factions. Just like Cami knew, right?) Further concluding, why wasn’t Klaus able to compel him? AND, why did his eyes change that crazy color? Did Declan himself try to play Klaus? It took Klaus an awfully long time to try to compel him, remember? Suddenly, this time, Elijah (Daniel J. Gillies) compels him and it works? Leaving him to believe he was a mere mortal that could be compelled? You tell me, there isn’t something wrong with this… Plus, he’s been a bartender at Rousseau’s and never noticed anything?  Vampires wearing the same kinds of “daylight” rings. (I think not.)

Another one bites the dust.
In my earlier reviews, I wrote a “list of suspects” who were out to kill the Mikaelsons. AND She’s gone! Ivy the witch was not pulling the wool over my eyes.

“Ivy. (Shiva Kalaiselvan) (This witch is nothing but trouble. Who is she anyway? How does Vincent know her? She came out of nowhere. Calling Hope, the death to New Orleans. Judging Klaus too? A witch powerful enough to break a powerful cloaking spell…)?”

I wrote that in episode S5E4. Last night we find her working with the purist vampires? HELLO, Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood)? When you pick a side, you always pick the winning side. That is the Mikaelson one. I would also like to note that my theory is panning out with some of the suspects. I am predicting Vincent will go dark-side against the Mikaelson clan to get his revenge. This will only get worse my friends.

Why is the focus off the main characters?

his really bugged me.
What happened to “The Originals” and the focus on the core characters? You know, Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), Hayley (Phoebe J. Tonkin) — (even in death), Rebekah (Claire Holt), Kol (Nathaniel Buzaholic), Freya (Riley Voelkel) and Hope (Danielle-Rose Russell)? Why the shift in the plot to the secondary characters? I know from watching I was not the only one annoyed by this. I’ve read the comments. Focusing on Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood), Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), Josh (Steven Krueger), so late in the game is well, doesn’t make sense. You have them face-off against the “purist vampires”. (Albeit astral-projection.) When finishing up a series, you tie up all your loose ends, but certainly you do not by any means, leave your main characters out of the story for one minutia. Balance is key.

It was wonderful to see Freya and Keelin (Christina Moses) have a happy engagement. At least someone is getting a “happily ever after”. Congrats to them.

The Originals (S05E09) “We Have Not Long to Love” Musings:
• Did you really have to end it this way? Elijah and Hope could have so many heartwarming scenes.
• From Nazi Vampires and Werewolves to Vampire Purists, I am not enjoying this season. IF it wasn’t for the main cast. I would have tuned out.
• Interlopers really? TpTb/writers in the last season for Elijah and Hayley’s love story. That is just so unnecessary.

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