12 Monkeys (S04E04) “Legacy”

What we’ve been promised in the promos for 12 Monkeys has finally happened: we get to go back in time to frontier days. In last week’s episode 45 RPM, Cole finds a clue to help them get out of the endless cycle they’ve found themselves in. It’s a place and a date: Montana, 1852. In the frontier, they hope to find a weapon that will finally destroy the Witness. They arrive and find things are slightly off in 1852. People are wearing Apple watches, the piano player is playing a song from the eighties. Even weirder is the fact that the piano player is Hannah’s father: Elliot Jones.

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(Sources: SYFY/denofgeek)

They pull Elliot back from 1852 to ask him what he’s doing in the past. Elliot Jones is the architect behind Titan. To make matters even worse, Jennifer is no longer Primary.

12 Monkeys continues to use very tight storytelling in this last season. We’re getting answers to things that began in the last three seasons. The payoff is big and well worth the wait.