12 Monkeys (S04E05) “After”

A clue to breaking the cycle leads Cassie and Cole to 1966 in the fifth episode of 12 Monkeys. The phrase climb the steps, ring the bell has led them to two dead soviet spies. The soviets are trying to buy a weapon of unimaginable power.

Unlike with the previous episode that took place in the sixties, After has much more of a sixties feel to it. Cassie is now sporting a period-appropriate outfit.

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(Source: SYFY/tvgeektalk)

In After, we get to see Christopher Lloyd’s character again. The episode reaffirms why he’s such an excellent actor. Christopher Lloyd is underappreciated for his roles as the villain. Most people think of him as a comedic actor even after he proves time and again that he is comfortable and impressive in a role as the bad guy.  Any other big-name actor in this role might have overshadowed the other cast, but Christopher Lloyd fits right in. He is the stand-out star in this episode.