12 Monkeys (S04E06) “Die Glocke”

In order to find the weapon that could destroy the Witness, Team Splinter heads to Nazi-era France. They infiltrate a Nazi gala in order to gain access to what the Nazi’s call “Die Glocke.”. The weapon is described as something that can disrupt time.

Going on a mission in Nazi-era France presents more dangers than on previous missions. Nazi’s are trigger happy and won’t hesitate to kill them if they are found out. Jones and Jennifer are the only ones who can speak German and French and so lead the mission.

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The mission is interrupted by the French Resistance and Cole gets captures by the Germans. It isn’t the perfect start to such an important mission.

In Die Glocke, the appearance of Hitler isn’t surprising though it does make for very humorous back and forth between Jennifer and everyone else. The ultimate time traveler question involves going back and killing Hitler. Should we worry about disrupting the time stream to get rid of a heinous monster?

One of the many strengths of 12 Monkeys has always been its female cast members. Rather than fall into the “strong female character” trope, the women of 12 Monkeys are given actual personalities complete with faults. Die Glocke highlights why the female characters are so wonderful.