Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger (S01E04)”Call/Response”

We finally get to see the much need interaction between Tandy Bowen(Olivia Holt) and Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph). They finally try to connect in more ways than just their powers. They feel they can’t talk to anyone about it, so they confide on each other.

Tyrone decides to find the cop that killed his brother, but changes his mind already at the precinct. Tandy talks to her mother about her boyfriend Greg (Gary Weeks). Tandy tells her that he just wants to sleep with her and worries he will just abandon them.

Tyrone’s father Otis (Miles Mussenden) takes Tyron to where he grew up. He wants Tyrone to learn more about his roots, as he sees Tyrone might go on the same path as his brother. There is where we get the first look at Cloak’s comic costume. An unfinished cloak that his father quickly asks why he chose it, later telling him it was his brothers.

Tandy starts talking to more to Greg, while helping him solve his father’s case with Roxxon, she learns more about him, and she changes his mind.  Maybe he isn’t such a bad guy, and really wants to help her mother. Tandy and her mother Melissa (Andrea Roth) have a great moment, when they talk about how the loss of her father has impacted them.  Tandy tells Melissa that Greg isn’t a bad guy, but it’s too late, as they already broke up. As she goes looking for Greg, Tandy sees him get shot in the head.

The climax of the episode comes when Tandy tells Tyrone that she has contemplated suicide. Tyrone reacts passionately on why she would want to take her life. He points out that just because his both parents are alive, doesn’t mean it’s all flowers and rainbows in his life. He points out that his skin color makes him a living target everyday. This arguments ends when Tyrone tells Tandy, that if she wants to kill herself maybe she should do it. Tandy actually tries to kills herself, showing how much Tyrone’s words really affect her. She realizes she wants to live and uses her powers to save herself, after trying to drown herself.

Finals Thoughts

This is definitely the best episode so far. I just love it when characters show layers of themselves and this is exactly what we got. They are diving deep into Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson, not portraying them as super heroes, but people with super powers. Their conversation in the church showed us, that even though they are connected with their powers, they are still completely different people.

This episode also established more than just the Tandy and Tyrone relationship. It enforced their relationship with their respectful parents. Tyrone learned about his heritage, and Tandy really connected with her mother over her father’s death.

The performances of Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph keeps surprising me. Their chemistry is always great, every time they’re on screen they seem to have known each other for years.

Rating: 8/10